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    Default Planning a trip through Nevada in March/April - need some advice

    This is a great site - really interesting..

    My boyf and I are planning a road trip starting 23 March 07 and finishing 8 April 07, flying to/from San Fran. We want to get in as much as possible but I don't know if we're trying to do too much... The idea is to experience some vast open spaces and National Parks but also visit Las Vegas (maybe just one night) and LA.

    We've only just started planning and so far have come up with spending a couple of days in SF, then head North up to Lake Tahoe, onto Ely, down to Las Vegas, then further South to San Diego and back up the coast to San Fran via LA. I'm a bit worried about driving in wintery conditions, especially from Ely to Las Vegas. This is not set in stone at all, so I'd really appreciate any advice anyone has on the weather and also if we're trying to fit too much in?

    thanks in advance

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    Default think spring

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    You'll find lots of information on this part of the world on the forum. In fact this thread started this week will give you a nice breakdown on the time it will take to cover this distance and has some links to get to other threads about this part of the country.

    As far as winter driving goes, late March certainly is a time where you can see anything from winter like storms to summer like heat. However, the only place I would be really concerned about seeing bad winter driving conditions would be crossing the Sierras. Many of the passes, like Tioga into Yosemite, will still be closed. And seeing some snow would certainly be possible on the major passes between SF and Tahoe.

    One question, is there any reason you are going all the way over to Ely before cutting down to Las Vegas? Heading down through Death Valley would be the route I would suggest, unless you've got a specific reason for heading through northern Nevada.

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    Thanks very much for replying so quickly :) I did search before posting but clearly not for the right thing!

    The reason for heading so far North was to experience the vastness and remoteness (?) of the desert. What is the drive from SF - Yosemite - Death Valley like? Also from what I have read, I think that in the last week of March we will have to go round Yosemite as the Tiego (sp?) pass will be closed?
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    Default From San Fran to Las Vegas in March

    Hi again
    So ... after my last thread ... we're re-thinking our trip and going to go from San Fran to Las Vegas via Yosemite and Death Valley. Can someone advise me - what should the weather be like during the last week in March - will we be able to see all of Yosemite? Also what is the drive like - is there any desert to drive through, like the kind of drive we originally wanted to do through Nevada (Ely to Las Vegas)?
    The rest of the trip is pretty sorted back via Grand Canyon down to the border, Tiuana, San Diego, Los Angeles, pacific coast back to San Fran - can't wait!!!!
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    Default Yosemite in March

    As Michael pointed out previously, the passes over the Sierra Nevada will still be heavily snowbound and impassible in March, so you will not be able to get to all of Yosemite, nor will you be able to go directly from Yosemite to Death Valley. Rather you will have to make a long detour south to Bakersfield before turning east. The area from Bakersfield to Las Vegas and from Las Vegas to San Diego is all desert, the Mojave to be precise. For weather in Yosemite, you can expect (but you're not guaranteed) highs in the mid to upper 50's and lows in the mid 30's. Sno9w is, of course, a distinct possibility.


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    Default thank you :-)

    thanks very much for your advice ...

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