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  1. Default Grand Canyon/Golden Circle in Mid-March.

    Seems like my brother and I might be a little late on piccking up planning for this trip but I was hoping someone could point me towards some good info/breakdown of how to go about planing for a Cross-Canyon hike (would love to do down-up, down-up but open to other suggestions). Need some ideas on routes, permits to get, estimate on time and if weather may be a big factor. Thanks also if you think we are to late for permits and campsite reservations than ideas for other adventures in the Vegas/Salt Lake/Northern AZ area would be great. The dates are between 16-25 around 5-8 days. Thanks look forward to your sage advice.

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    Default Hiking in the Grand Canyon

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    By far, the best source of info on hiking in the Grand Canyon are the sources put out by the park itself, in particular, this web page on hiking. Be sure to read through all the links provided there to get an idea of what you're going to be doing and what permits you'll need (and their cost}. Also note that there is a phone number on the park's home page. You should also be aware that average overnight temperatures on the rim in March are below freezing (24║F). Come prepared.


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    After you check out the links and resources already mentioned, one or two more thoughts to consider:

    -If there are no campsites available, you might tentatively plan to go to the South Rim anyway and put yourselves on the waiting list. There are frequent last-minute no-shows.

    -In addition to the cold temps up top, things really aren't going to be that warm below-rim either -- while daytime hiking can be comfortable, sleeping in a sack when it is 20-something isn't my idea of a good time.

    -You could check for last-minute cancellations at Phantom Ranch (for inexpensive dorm lodging), but that's a long-shot (check with Xanterra, the booking agent).

    -Also, you'll have to be prepared for warm weather hiking AND cold-weather hiking -- things can change drastically in a matter of minutes, and once down the trail, it's always a surprise. You cannot see the horizon for approaching weather. Make sure you take crampons also -- when you need them you need them, nothing else matters. It is one of the most terrifying feelings on earth to be trying to negotiate a steep, icy trail with drop-offs of thousands of feet 2 or 3 feet away -- and no traction. A cheap set from a hiking shop will suffice.

    -You might also check out the possibilities at Supai if the Grand Canyon hike doesn't pan out -- it's a less strenuous hike although roughly just as long -- and this time of year it is sometimes easier to get last-minute reservations there. It is a different experience -- you'd be going to see several waterfalls and a riparian environment, rather than the expansive and dramatic views offered by the Grand Canyon Park trails. Google "Supai" or "Havasupai tourist" and look for information and the number to make reservations. Permits and reservations are obtained from the Havasupai Tribe's Tourist Agency. There is only one phone line going in and out, so you have to be patient -- the village is at the bottom of the western Grand Canyon. But keep trying and you'll eventually get through. Bob

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