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  1. Default Winter Driving Conditions in Arizona

    For any road trippers headed for Arizona (or the SW in general), we are in the midst of some serious winter driving conditions at the moment. Even the Phoenix area received snow today -- although it has not accumulated.

    All of Arizona's high country is affected and some roads are closed or travel restricted in some areas, most notably Payson (SR87) and the Mogollon Rim (along SR260 between Camp Verde and Springerville). Many roads are snowpacked and icy. Travelers along I-40 in the central and eastern parts of the state may also run into dangerous and icy road conditions. Some roads that do not often develop wintry conditions are also affected -- such as US93 in the Wickenburg area and north toward I-40.

    There is snow and ice along I-10, both in SE Arizona and into New Mexico, as precipitation continues to accumulate on that route.

    These conditions don't usually last very long here and our snowplow crews typically work around the clock at these times, but if any of you are planning travel in the next 36 to 48 hours, you might check on road conditions before you head this way. Bob
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    RoadTripper Brad Guest

    Default Thanks!

    Thanks Bob for the update! It has been extemely cold down here, and although what I got last night here in Tempe, AZ was mainly rain, it was larger and whiter than usual.

    It's one thing people forget is the desert does get cold, and it is not uncommon for snow to fall in the winter.

    I wish I could afford to go up to the white mountains, but I'd have to also drop some cash on snow boots and a thermal clothing!


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