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    I've recently decided to take a long (at least 4 mos.) solo trip accross the US. I'm thinking of purchasing a used class B motor home. This will allow me flexablity and will be used as an office for the research I'll be working on while travelling. I'd like to leave in Febuary, head south then west.

    I'm not sure where to start planning for such an adventure.

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    Default We have an article on that!

    Quote Originally Posted by Nancyw View Post
    I've recently decided to take a long (at least 4 mos.) solo trip accross the US.
    Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum! We have several articles that you might wish to consider. Even though you are considering purchasing a used RV, I would suggest looking at this article about renting (for background info) and especially this article should be read, printed out and taken with you on your first shake-down cruise.

    I would also look at this inverter article and take a look at the trip planning series of articles.

    Happy Planning!


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