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    Default Rt 6 Pa.

    I am new to this forum and hope to use your extensive resources, for many more years to come. My initial question concerns a trip that I plan to make this June. I will be driving from Amish Country (Lancaster Pa.) to Corning NY. I have read reports that RT 6 is a very beautiful drive. Question, in the opinion of members, who have experience with this road, is the SCENERY, between RT 81 and 16, worth the detour?

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    Yes, it is!

    Rt. 6 is one of the most beautiful roads in Pa in my opinion.


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    Default Yes. But It's a Detour to a Detour

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    I agree with Rich that US-6 is a scenic road, but it and I-81 and NY-17, are all a bit out of your way. I used to live in Ithaca and had family in both Wilmington and Washington. The way that we found was both shortest and quite scenic was just to take US-15 north from Harrisburg along the Susquehanna River valley. Route 15 leaves the valley at Williamsport for a short but scenic crossing of the Appalachians through some state forests and game lands directly into Corning. That direct route is about 75 miles shorter than using I-81 and either US-6 or NY-17, so my suggestion would be to just head to Harrisburg, get on US-15 north and enjoy.


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    Default Thanks

    Thanks so much to both JF2CBR and AZBuck. I have just looked at a map and I think that AZBucks suggestion is just what I was looking for. I calculated that my original route was actually about 75 miles out of the way as, AZBuck had mentioned. I now have a scenic route and one that is a much easier drive. One day in the future, I may take a road trip along the entire RT 6. I live not that far away, in SW CT. I can get to the PA, border in a day, easily.

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    Default Any Advice on A CT to PA to NY Vacation

    On June 1st, I will start a 21 day trip, including Lancaster, PA, Finger Lakes, NY, Niagara Falls, NY and Canada, Toronto Zoo and finally back home to CT. I did a fair amount of research and will be visiting most of the highlights in each of these areas. Does anyone know about any secret treasures that will enhance my enjoyment on this trip? Some examples may include romantic restaurants, scenic areas, attractions in areas outside the main tourist area etc. Any help would be appreciated.


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    Default A Couple of Ideas

    First bit of advice is to get a passport if you're planning on crossing the border. You cam still, up to the end of this year, drive across the border with "only" your drivers license AND your birth certificate, but it is really a lot easier with a passport.

    The second bit is to take a complete circuit of Lake Erie, continuing east from Toronto to the Thousand Islands area. That would make this portion of your trip quite similar to this earlier RoadTrip. You'll then have to make a basic route choice depending on what you want to see and how much time you have. The more direct route home from the Thousand Islands would be down NY-12 to Utica and then I-90 and I-91 home. Highlights of such a trip would be portions of the Erie Canal, the Mohawk Trail, and the Berkshires. A slightly longer route would continue down the St. Lawrence River into Québec for a truly international experience, then re-enter the US and take in Burlington and central Vermont as you work your way south to home. There's plenty in both Québec (do a Search looking for posts by Gen on the subject) and Vermont.


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