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  1. Default A White Christmas for Aussies

    An Australian "G'day" to everyone.

    I have started this post as my family of 4 plus another family of 3 are planning on travelling to the US in early December 2007 for 4- 5 week holiday with the intention of having a white Xmas.

    There will be 4 adults & 3 children aged between 11 & 14 in the group.

    At this stage it is very much in the planning stage & one of our ideas is to fly into LA, hire a car & drive up to Seattle or even Vancouver (Canada) for XMas. Rather than the using coastal highway, our plan is to travel via the following locations (yes I know...the usual tourist sight seeing spots) taking approx 2 weeks for the trip:

    * Las Vegas
    * Grand Canyon
    * Salt Lake City
    * Yellowstone National Park
    * Boise,Idaho

    We do not know a great deal about these places, weather/road conditions etc, so if anyone would be so kind as to give us a heads up/tips on the following will be greatly appreciated:

    1. Is this route feasible?
    2. What will the road & weather conditions be like? (Have no experience driving in snow)
    3. What type of vehicles would be available for rent in LA that would fit 7 passengers comfortably (we were thinking of some type of 4wd vehicle??) 4. Are one way rentals available from LA to Seattle/Vancouver?(we were intending to fly back to LA).
    5. Any suggestions for any other places of interest/tourist stops on or near our proposed route.

    Any information provided will come in extremely useful for our planning of what we are calling "our trip of a lifetime".

    Look forward to hearing from you.


    Brisbane, Australia

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    Default The good and the bad

    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    The good news is 2 weeks should give you a nice amount of time to see these sites. While you'd have a possibility of seeing snow, as long as you are sticking to mostly interstate routes you shouldn't have any major traffic problems.

    Yellowstone might be something to skip this trip. Much of the park is closed to car traffic in the winter, but if that's the case, you would certainly get a chance to play in the snow.

    The biggest problem I forsee is with the vehicle. The one way rental shouldn't be a problem, although you'll pay a premium for the one way trip. However, A full sized van is really the only thing that will comfortably seat 7 and still have room for luggage. I think you might be better off renting 2 vehicles. You'll have more space, and you'd be able to switch off with who is riding with who - which could be especially helpful with the kids.

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