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    I have booked tickets and car hire to New York for July 2007. I am thinking of travelling from New York to Boston (200miles) Then from Boston down to Washington DC(400m) before heading back up to NY (250m). Alow a few miles for getting lost. Around 1000m total!

    I have booked the trip for 22 nights. Me and my family have never exeperianced a road trip on such a scale, so could anyone be kind enough to help me if these routes will overstretch my holiday or will i still be able to see the sights and sounds.

    Looking forward for you advice

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    Default Plenty of time

    3 weeks will be plenty of time to do this trip. You can easily drive from NY to Boston or DC in a few hours. Boston to DC can also be done in a day, but it would be a long day simply because traffic in that corridor is very heavy.

    Are you only planning on visiting those 3 cities? If so, I think you'll be much better off considering sticking to mass transit options. Parking can be very difficult and expensive in all three of those cities, not to mention the traffic of just getting around. However all 3 cities have very good public transportation systems, and there is high speed rail available to travel between the cities.

    In fact, if you only want to do a little bit of exploring outside of those cities, I think you'll be better off using mass transit for most of your trip, and then renting a car by the day when you want to make a side trip.

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    Hi Michael,

    Thanks for the informative reply. The mass transit option sounds like a very good option and one that i never realy put alot of thought into before. I guess the reason for that is due to the fact that we would preffer to be a bit more flexible on route to each city, so if we decide to travel of the beaten track for a few miles or stay the night at small coastal/inland towns we can. I have also recently booked the car.

    I am however a bit worried about parking prices and the proximity of the car parks to the cities. Dont know whether its best to book into a nearby motel and then catch public transport into the city?

    I am in a catch 22 position on wether to Do this alternative route, NY - Boston (surrounding areas) - Niagara Falls - DC - back up to NY.
    I do not know if this would be a longer stretched out route comapred to the original. And i think with the original you will thouroughly see the area as we will be backtracking (ie, New York - Boston, Boston - New York, New York - DC, DC - New York)?

    I guess this is all part of the fun of planning a road trip, just cant wait unitl July!!!!


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    Default Avoiding Traffic

    Going to Niagara between DC and Boston would have a significant advantage other than avoiding backtracking. You'd also avoid the major traffic snarl that is the I-95 between Boston and DC. It's still a long day drive to either Boston or DC, so you will be adding quite a few miles to do this, but I think you would still have plenty of time in your trip.

    If you aren't going to do the Falls, then I still think renting a car would be a much bigger headache than it would be worth. You'd be spending a whole lot of money to rent a car and then spending more money to park it because you really won't be able to use it very much. Flexability is nice, but you are only talking about places that are a few hours apart. If you still wanted to explore some of the small coastal/inland areas, you could rent a car for a day or two, without having to figure out a secure place to park for the rest of your trip.

  5. Default Jersey Shore - Advice

    Hi Members,

    As i have stated in previous threads we are going to have a 3 week holiday from NYC to Washington DC and northern parts of Virginia.
    I would like to experiance some beautiful white sandy beaches during parts of holiday and was thinking when heading back up to NYC to go along the Jersey shore starting at Atlantic city. Do you think this is a scenic route or does anyone know any other ideas?

    I have another two questions if anyone could be kind enough to help with.

    As i am from Scotland it would be nice to have a warm and sunny holiday. Are these areas of the country reliable for some sunshine with not persistant rain?

    The final question is, i was thinking of visiting Annapolis. Would anyone recommend this place for a day visit as it seems awesome on the net.

    Thanks again, and look forward to any replies.


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    Default White, sandy beaches?

    Quote Originally Posted by Scottishhighlander View Post
    I would like to experiance some beautiful white sandy beaches during parts of holiday and was thinking when heading back up to NYC to go along the Jersey shore
    Why do think you are going to see "white, sandy beaches" along the Jersey shore? There is a nice beach -- but it would be a stretch to call it white sand!
    As i am from Scotland it would be nice to have a warm and sunny holiday. Are these areas of the country reliable for some sunshine with not persistant rain?
    Summer days along the Jersey shore are mostly cloudy -- with periods of sun. Temps are 80 to 90 degrees (F) and there is about a 22% chance of some rainfall most days.


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    Default Jersey Shore

    We live within an 60-90 minutes of the New Jersey shore and have been there many times since we were kids. Most of the continuous driving from (North to South/South to North) is done on the Garden State Parkway, and sometimes Route 9. On these roads you're far enough from the shoreline where you can't really see the ocean. At night you can see the piers or Atlantic City skyline (really the casino hotels and lights).

    To get near the ocean you typically have to drive off the Garden State Parkway and over a bridge to get to one of the shore towns, such as to Cape May (southern most point), Wildwood, Ocean City, etc. It usually only takes about 15 minutes or so to get into one of the towns. You'll need to find parking. Some towns require you to purchase beach tags to get on to the beach. Wildwood is one of the free beaches.

    I don't know of any long, uninterrupted ocean view drives in New Jersey that you can get in other places in the country such as out in California.

    Weather-wise, perhaps we've been lucky, but we've experienced many a sunny day in July and August along the shore. Of course, on the east coast weather is very humid in the summer. The shore areas, though, are usually cooler than the big cities such as New York and Philadelphia.

    Cape May is a quaint, Victorian type town.

    Wildwood has a huge beach in comparison to other towns. They have a several mile long boardwalk with amusement piers and other small game places, stores, etc. As a child this is was one of our favorite towns. Actually, it's still one of our favorites, although it's not for everyone.

    Ocean City also has a boardwalk and some amusement piers. It's a quieter town than Wildwood. It's also a dry town - no alcohol allowed. It also has a nice beach.

    Atlantic City has beaches, a boardwalk, casinos, etc. Due to the casinos it might be more of an adult town now.

    Long Beach Island is a nice area. No Boardwalk. At the northern end is a nice lighthouse town called Barnegat Light with a small state park on the ocean.

    SeaSide heights also has a small boardwalk, amusements, beach, etc.

    There are also smaller towns in between these places that are quieter if that's what you're looking for. As kids and teenagers, and even now for our children, we always liked Wildwood, Ocean City and Seaside Heights.

    We've done driven up and down the east coast, from Orlando to Acadia National Park in Maine. Boston is only about 6 hours from Philadelphia. Washington D.C. is about three hours away from Philly, while the Statue of Liberty and New York are about 1.5-2 hours away depending on traffic.

    Baltimore's Harbor area is also a nice place to visit. They have a big aquarium, the Baltimore Orioles baseball team (nice stadium at Camden Yards), and other sights.

    Have a safe and enjoyable trip.

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