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    Default Rv parking in Mesa, Tempe or Apache AZ areas?

    Does anyone have any experience or recommendation on a RV park in the east of Phoenix area, Mesa, Tempe etc. I need a short term, two week stay- not a seasonal park. Going south to Arizona during March for MLB Spring Training and want a site to campout/park in my shorty vintage Airstream. Will be spending most of the days in Scottsdale (Go!SF Giants), but I suspect there are no overnights allowed in that highscale area?

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    Default RV Parks Near Phoenix

    You are not alone in wanting to visit Phoenix during Cactus League Season, nor in wanting to use your RV as your residence during your visit. I'm not an RVer myself, but by doing a simple Google search on "Arizona Mesa OR Apache OR Tempe RV Park" I came up with numerous RV Parks of all sorts from the most basic to the most luxurious, and most seem to have overnight and weekly rates. But I'm not in a position to recommend one over another, so do a similar search and see which of them is appealing to you.


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    Default McDowell Mountain Regional Park

    Quote Originally Posted by peregrinogringo View Post
    Does anyone have any experience or recommendation on a RV park in the east of Phoenix area,
    My favorite park in the entire region is the McDowell Mountain Regional Park which is just north of Fountain Hills. Here is some information about the facilities -- For us, it was the perfect blend of being "out there" and still close enough to town to enable getting to our assignments on time.

    Let us know what you think of this place!



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