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    Default Planning Road Trip from NY to SF - just the beginning

    Hi Everyone,

    We live in Denmark and has begun the planning of our trip of dreams ! Also our honeymoon as well :-)

    We have just discovered this site - fabulous !

    We are in the very beginning of our planning but there is a lot to plan, cause we are traveling totally on our own and wants to be "free" !!

    We have tried to figure out how much it will cost us and have calculated it to be about 150.000 kr. (about 25.000 Dollars) We want to be on the safe side regarding the financiels :-) 15.000 for flying, rental of car, motels and hotels and gas, and we will have about 10.000 USD left in allowance + food.

    Our plan is to drive from New York City to end up in San Francisco (look at the picture below) We plan to visit (among others, thoose are the main cities) following cities/places:

    - NY > Philadelphia > Washington DC > Nashville > Memphis > New Orleans > Dallas > Lubbock > Roswell > Colarado Springs > Alberquerque > Grand Canyon > Las Vegas > LA > Solvang (well, we are Danes *smiling*) > San Francisco.

    - We tried to find out the KM. for this trip... about 8.500 KM, right?

    - We expect to be in USA for 2 months.

    - We would like to rent a car for the 2 months (the easy way regarding insurance, repair and so on)

    - We would like to spend the nights at motels and hotels (think we will bring a tent just in case)

    - We will fly from Copenhagen to New York City, drive the roads, fly from SF to NY and from NY to Denmark again.

    This is the main planning... does it look realistic??

    We will look forward to read all the threads in here and will write about our planning in the future.

    Our dream adventure is to experiance in some years, but again it's also a lot of planning to do... especially from DK :-)

    See you.

    Best from Denmark,

    Jane & Michael

    (And sorry for the spelling etc. Perhaps there's a few (or a lot ;-)) mistakes)
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    Default The Right Track

    Welcome to the RTA Forum, and congrats on the upcoming festivities.

    I'd say you are well on your way to having a great trip. You budget should be more than sufficient to cover your costs, and 2 months will give you plenty of time to explore.

    8,500 km does seem like it would be a pretty good rough estimate to get between the places you want to go. However, I'd expect by the time all is said and done with stops and detours for siteseeing, you'll probably have driven over 10,000 km.

    One suggestion I would offer, instead of doing a loop from New Mexico to Colorado and back, I would go west through Colorado and into Utah, eventually working your way back to the Grand Canyon. Not only would that avoid backtracking, but it will also take you through some exceptionally scenic areas.

    Keep reading the forum, and the other articles about Roadtrip Planning. The International Visitors section should provide some help too.

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