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    Default New here and need some help- Indy to Idaho and back.

    Hi everyone. I'm new here, but so far, this site looks great and very helpful! My husband and I are planning to go and visit a friend of ours out in Idaho Falls in the spring (Last week of March and first week of April). We decided that since we've never been west of the Mississippi really, we'd just drive and make it a big road trip. We'd leave on March 29th and need to be home Sunday April 8th. So, we'll only have 10 days. Since we've never been out West before we really have no clue where to begin or what to see. We do know we'd like to go through St. Louis, and definitely see the Rocky Mtns in Colorado. We're outdoorsy people and have camping equipment too, so maybe a night of camping would be fun if we have time. Any suggestions/advice would be great!! Thanks so much!! :)

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    Ten Days is enough to do everything you're setting out for, but just barely. At around 1800 miles one way (depending on route) you can make the trip in 4 days and still have a few hours each day to get out of the car and enjoy some nature. That would leave you 2 days to visit your friend and explore a bit around Idaho Falls. You might want to think about doing a loop trip where you take a different set of roads out and back. There would not be that great a difference in mileage and you would get to see more new stuff. Two possible routes would be a 'northern' route that might consist of I-74 to the Quad Cities and then I-80 across Iowa. Then take I-29 north to I-90 through South Dakota and into Wyoming. US-14 would then take you across northwestern Wyoming and through Yellowstone to US-20 for the final run into Idaho Falls. A 'southern' route back could look something like I-15 south to the Great Salt Lake and then US-40 east through the Rockies to Rocky Mountain National Park. From Denver, I-70 would then bring you over the plains to St. Louis and back home. These routes, and the sights along them, have been described in detail elsewhere, so be sure to use the Search button above to look for what's available, but some of the highlights would include the Amana Colonies in Iowa, Badlands National Park, Devils Tower, Yellowstone, Salt Lake, Dinosaur National Park, and Rocky Mountain National Park. Remember, those are just the highlights, there's tons more (PRN).




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