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  1. Default Trip from Reno, Nevada to Las Vegas taking Highway 95. Any tips? concerns? comments?

    I am planning to take an trip to las vegas from reno to use my timeshare credits that will expire on the 10th of January. I mapped it out on mapquest and i take an very long highwway which highway 95. Has anyone been on this section of highway 95? and your epxeriences? I am leaving on Monday at 11 AM I dont like traveling lonley desert roads in the wee hours.
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    Default Don't speed near Beatty!

    That was the biggest lesson I learned!

    Seriously, I've driven it. It's a nice highway. However, I drove it in the summer where it was light until late at night. I think you would be fine even though you will be driving in the dark but, since there isn't a lot of towns along the route, make sure you stop every chance you get to top off the tank. I'm sure it might seem lonelier than it really is. I'm sure you'll be fine. But I also hope that anybody with experience driving it in the winter pops in here to give you better help than I can.

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    Default US-395 would be my choice

    Quote Originally Posted by cmajamay View Post
    I am planning to take an trip to las vegas from reno to use my timeshare credits that will expire on the 10th of January
    I have driven just about every paved route that exists between Reno and Las Vegas and while I enjoy US-95 (awesome semi-ghost towns) I would choose US-395 for shear scenic beauty. It is a little longer and is subject to more winter closures, but I would still go that way.


  4. Default Thank you For replies. Can an car make it on one full tank of gas?

    I drive an 2000 Cheverlote Malibu. It said to give 30 MPG Highway. What do you think?

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    Default Probably Not

    Reno to Las Vegas is just about 450 miles and there have been very few passenger cars with that sort of range. Typically as the mileage goes up, the size of the tank goes down, keeping the range of most cars roughly between 350 and 400 miles. But Tonopah is at nearly your half-way point and would make a great place for a pit stop where you could see to all the car's (and your) needs in one place and maybe even take a short walk around town before pressing on.


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    Default A few (very cool) things to do on the way

    Quote Originally Posted by cmajamay View Post
    i take an very long highwway which highway is US-95. Has anyone been on this section of highway 95?
    Recently I drove US-95 from Las Vegas to Reno to attend the Nevada Day parade in Carson City. Although I do enjoy US-395 (as mentioned above) there are several places I like to check out whenever I drive US-95. Here are some of those places:

    I am guessing that you are plannning on taking I-80 east to Fernley (it is a little faster although longer than cutting south) if so, Ft. Churchill is only about five minutes from the highway on US-ALT-95. A little further south, there is a short-cut through Yerington, which will remain unnamed on this public forum but should you be interested in fish hatcheries, you will find it....

    ALT-95 re-joins US-95 at Schurz when it crosses the Walker River and I always pull over at the gravel road to Tamarack Point Beach on Walker Lake. A nice place to watch the birds and get a nice view of the area.

    Hawthorne is home to the Army Depot for dangerous chemicals and those rows of bunkers is always eerie.

    As you approach Tonopah, keep an eye peeled for the extensive mining works that can be seen in the hills. Tonopah is home to a striking mural and one of the best mining museums in the country. If you have a couple of hours it is well worth it! Besides, it is fun to drive around the town and look at the architecture of the place.

    Goldfield is truly a gem. As you enter town from the north, look at all of those "art" cars parked in a lot. Goldfield was home to both Wyatt and Virgil Earp and still has a distinctly wild-west feel.

    Like Judy says, slow down in and around Beatty -- there is plenty to see and do here as well. The ghost town of Rhyolite is nearby and I really enjoy Carrara (but you would need a jeep to reach this old marble quarry).

    Indian Springs is home to the unmanned predator squadrons and you can often see them flying in the area. There is also a really cool Sehmet Temple here.

    A great place to get fuel is the station at the Las Vegas Paiute Reservation just before you reach Las Vegas -- much cheaper than the rest of the state.

    And then..... you will be in Las Vegas. Here are some of our favorite things here.


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    Highway 95--well, it's got brothels. And a sign commemorating the Nevada Test Site. And (some) towns that aren't so much "ghost towns" as just dilapidated. More than one skeletonized casino or hotel on that route.

    It has its attractions. Walker Lake is a lovely surprise. But yeah, 395 is much better.
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    I guess you have already gone on your trip! I, myself am headed in May from Reno to Death Valley on US 95! MY FAVORITE PLACE IS LIDA SUMMIT, THE CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE! I will be taking a detour to Lida Summit from US 95 on 266 and back, which will be the most important part of my trip!

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    Default Welcome.

    Hi Tim and welcome to RTA !

    Yeah, this trip was completed a long time ago. Have a great trip and if you have any questions you are welcome to start your own thread and after your trip you are welcome to share your story and photo's if you wish.

    Enjoy RTA !

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    HWY 95 is scenic drive and with couple towns in between. Besides typical stops, there is a federal prison and some fed related work sites if you interested in checking out. Not sure how close you can approach to fed facilities but bit interesting places there.

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