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    Hi everyone. Just wanted to start out and say I enjoy this site and have been reading a lot of the faqs and articles. They are very informative. I am planning my first road trip. The longest I have ever driven is from New Jersey to Cleveland. I do runs to Central PA (250miles oneway) quite often but have never done anything as long as a trip I am planning so I hope I am not in for a huge shock.

    I have a wedding to attend on the 22nd of July of this so far so good new year. I am 21 years old and my co-pilot is my 17 year old cousin. Both of us get along great. We will be taking my car which happens to be a 2-seat roadster so hopefully that doesn't get tiring after the 2nd day is done. Luggage space isn't a primary issue as most of my clothing will be sent with my parents when they fly out to the destination.

    I would like help with my itenerary. It is a roundtrip. What I would like to see are: Rocky Mountain National Park, Yosemite National Park, Death Valley National Park (been here as a kid and would love to revisit!), San Francisco, 'big sur' on the California coastline (want to travel down highway 1), Las Vegas, and Los Angeles is where the wedding will be held.

    The only problem if you can even call it that is my parents and family will be flying out and my parents haven't seen Yosemite National Park so they would like to visit it. That being said I would like to see that site on my return trip so I don't have to backtrack and waste money on fuel and time. I can see SF on the return trip along with Yosemite. Also, it would be fun to make that into a family trip as well. However, I would like to travel SOUTH on the California coastline when I come nearby the Big Sur and the whole region in general (Salinas down to Los Angeles on highway 1). The only issue that arises with this route is if I head to Vegas and then Death Valley to Salinas, I am backtracking. The route from Death Valley goes south and up north again. There aren't any roads that just head West from Death Valley.

    What I would like to do is head Southwest from NYC towards LA and visit some of those sites on the way such as Vegas, Grand Canyon, Death Valley, and I am crossing my fingers I get to go Southbound (closer to the coast) down highway 1 to see the big sur area.

    My return way would be: LA --> SF --> Yosemite --> Zion National Park --> Rocky Mountain National Park --> Chicago --> NYC.

    Do you guys/gals have any suggestions on how to fine tune my going West route? Any help would be appreciated!

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I'm not entirely sure I understand your question, so if I've got something wrong here, you'll have to correct me.

    You've got your list of places you'd like to see, you'd like to avoid backtracking, and you'd like to visit Yosemite with your parents, who will be flying into LA.

    If I've got that right, then how about this for a plan.

    Head west through Chicago, Rocky Mountain NP, and then out to San Francisco. From there head south along the Coast to LA, where you can attend the wedding and meet up with your parents. From there you and your parents can take separate cars to Yosemite (since they wouldn't fit in your two seater anyway). After exploring Yosemite together, your parents could head back to LA, while you could continue on to Death Valley, Las Vegas and then start making your way back east.

    Would that work?

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    Thanks for the swift reply.

    I never thought of planning it the way you mentioned. I never thought my parents would more than likely fly back from the same airport they arrived in (I am assumming LAX). With that being said, I will change my route and incorperate some of your ideas in it. I can wait to see Death Valley on my return trip so I don't have to look burnt crisp at the wedding :p.

    Here is a new itenerary:

    I will take the North route the way there. I will skip SF and DV even though I'm passing right next to DV. I will go to Yosemite and SF after the wedding since my parents would also like to visit Yosemite + SF. After SF I will head back down (not using CPH/highway1) to Death Valley then Grand Canyon then Phoenix and Alberquerque then head towards Smokey Mtns then head up North towards home.

    From DV I want to head towards some roads nearby I-10. They look boring but I remember seeing scenes from an old movie that I found hilarious.

    From there I'll towards Grand Canyon National Park in AZ. Then as written as above.


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