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    I have a new car, an empty nest, and an itch to take a road trip (though with a somewhat reluctant spouse, ha).
    I'm thilled to find this site: it's been great to search and read. You all give great advice and feedback!

    My plan is for a 10 day road trip from Kansas to San Francisco in June 2007, with the first destination being the Grand Canyon. Mapquest sends me through OK, TX, NM to AZ and Mappoint sends me to CO, NM to AZ. Interesting.
    From the Grand Canyon I basically want the quickest, easiest way to get to California Coast Highway 1 to take to San Francisco.
    My must see stops are the Hearst Castle, the Winchester House, and the Monterey Aquarium. Does it make sense to go through CA to San Simeon and take CA-1 North from there? It looks like it would take 3 days from the Grand Canyon to San Francisco to take time for these stops.

    Has anyone taken a route similiar to this? I found many posts in the archives that included stops in Vegas and Yosemite, but those aren't in the plans for this trip.
    I hope to spend several days in San Francisco, and then return to KS by way of UT and CO. Are there any tips on how to calculate where to stop for the night?
    It's a lot of fun to plan, but also confusing! Any thoughts or input would be greatly appreciated.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    You've got a good, basic outline, although I think you may be trying to do more than you have days alotted.

    Assuming you are starting from somewhere in Eastern KS, You'll need at least 2 days to get to the Grand Canyon, 3 days from GC up the coast is reasonable, but if you then spend "several days" in SF, there isn't much time left in your 10 day trip for the 3 days you'll need for even a speed run back home.

    As far as your route goes, I would head towards GC via Oklahoma and Texas - if for no other reason than you will probably be coming back home via I-70 from Colorado.

    The quickest way from GC to the San Simeon area is to take I-40 to Barstow, CA-58 to I-5, and then CA-46 to Paso Robles and the Coast. Its not a bad drive, but it will take you a whole day to do it.

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    Thanks Michael,
    I appreciate the input. I'm adding 2 days for travel time. Here in KS, I can make such excellent road time driving straight, flat, and practically empty highways that it's hard to calculate driving time in other states. Thanks for the CA highway advice!

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