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    My family (myself, wife, and 9 month daughter) are being relocated from San Francisco to Portland, OR. We have a week to move, so we would like to drive via the PCH. I'm trying to find a site that will help me plan the drive, mileage, where to stay, etc. Unfortunately, all the online map sites I find automatically calculate the shortest drive, which would be I-5. Any help?


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I've found the best way to force the online programs to give you the miles for the route you want is to plan a multi-stop roadtrip, and then punch in a few towns along the way you want to travel. Most of the online sites have this feature, but recently, I've found Mapquests to be my favorite for this task.

    As far as places to stay, etc, I haven't driven that stretch myself, so I'm not much help. But several others on here have lots of experience. Doing a search of the forum with terms like "Oregon Coast" should let you come up with lots of information, like Judy's great tips in this thread.

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    Default Welcome to the PNW, Appledad!

    Portland is a lovely city. I hope you enjoy our new home.

    If you haven't done the California coast yet, this is certainly a good time to do it. I'm kinda wondering if you wouldn't enjoy your move better, however, if you don't do the whole coast. I mean, once you get moved to Portland, the northern Oregon Coast is just a hop-and-a-skip away and would be easily explored on the weekends. So, it seems to me, that your move will be more relaxing if you don't try to do the whole coast this trip.

    If that makes sense to you, you might head inland after Bandon, taking Hwy 42 and coming out around Roseburg, OR, on I-5. Or, if you'd rather wait until farther north, you could turn inland at Newport and return to I-5 at Albany via Hwy 20.

    Are you driving your own car or a u-haul? If you're moving things yourself and driving a u-haul, then I would question whether or not you will enjoy going up the coastal highway at all. It's fairly windy and hilly. I just wouldn't enjoy driving a bigger rig on those roads. So, if you're driving something like that, you might want to consider just going up I-5 and saving the coastal explorations for later.

    Are you planning on taking the whole week to drive the coast? Or are you wanting to take only a couple of days so you can get into Portland and get settled in? Are you wanting to do a lot of exploring and doing? Or are you mainly wanting to just make quick stops?

    If you can give us an idea of how many days you want to devote to the coast, and if you're turning inland at some point or going all the way to Astoria, I could give you better ideas to help you craft your plan.

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    Thanks for your reply. My company is offering a great moving package. They are giving us a complete full service move, so we have nothing to worry about there. Also, they are giving us a full week off, and with weekends and a holiday in February, we'll have a full 10 days to get from San Francisco to Portland. Once we get there, we probably won't have the opportunity to do this for some time, and I've always wanted to drive the PCH north of SF. (I've done SF to LA a few times already). We just want to make sure we have lodging each night, we don't find ourselves in a dangerous situation, and take advantage of must see places. Any suggestions would be great!

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    I did a roadtrip north of San Francisco in September last year, while I was on vacation. I took the US-101 up to Cloverdale (I think) and continued on Highway 128, which takes you through Anderson Valley. Many wineries on the way and before you get to Highway 1, you drive through a forest full of redwoods. Definetely a highlight on my trip. After that I came into Mendocino, which was full of activity that day, since there was the monthly Farmer's Market. I stayed at the Sea Gull Inn which was very nice, the rate included a nice breakfast.

    While I was there, I took a tour at the North Coast Brewing Company in Fort Bragg and visited the Point Cabrillo Lighthouse. In Fort Bragg there is also the Skunk Train which takes you on a ride through the redwoods to Willits, which I unfortunately didn't have time to do. I had a nice dinner at The Moosse Café in Mendocino, which I can recommend, if you're going there.

    The trip takes about three hours, if you don't make any stops at all.

    Here's an excellent article about exploring northern California by Washington Post.

    The Inn where I stayed in Mendocino

    For more lodging and dining alternatives (click here).

    Hope you have a great trip!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Appledad View Post
    We just want to make sure we have lodging each night, we don't find ourselves in a dangerous situation,
    Not much opportunity for "danger" on this route -- although if danger is what you are seeking, there is always a way to find it. Henrik's suggestions are great -- I would add the Stanford Inn in Mendocino to that list -- I have stayed there a number of times over the last couple of decades and always found it to be a welcome retreat.


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