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  1. Default Taking the midwest by storm!

    Hi all.

    I'm very new to this site, but based on the other threads, it seems like you guys have lots of info to give!

    A couple of friends and myself (ages ranging 21-25) are planning a roadtrip over springbreak (march 19-25). We're leaving from University of Indiana in Bloomington and are headed Northwest, final destination being Mount Rushmore. We only have a few days, so we're pretty much going there and back. However, we're huge dorks and we're determined to see every cheesy midwest attraction on the way. If any of you residents of Illinois, Iowa, South Dakota, possibly Nebraska, and other surrounding states... have any ideas of random stuff we could see, by all means, TELL ME! :)

    We're looking for things like the world's biggest ball of twine... the world's biggest frying pan, bee farms, horseback riding, random cool bars, ANYTHING!

    Alright. Ready? Set... Impress me with your brilliance!!

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    Default I-90

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I-90 is one of my favorite routes for having lots of odd stuff along the way.

    Starting with the Wisconsin Dells, which has an overwhelming amount of goofy things to lure in tourists. You might be amuzed by a stop at "Top Secret" Which is located in an Upside Down replica of the White House. There is also a Ripley's Believe it or Not in the Downtown Dells.

    Continuing West, you can pull into LaCrosse, WI, one of the great small college towns of the midwest. There you can visit the "World's Largest 6 pack of Beer" and take a brewery tour (complete with free samples) while you are at it.

    Traveling through Minnesota, I-90 takes you through Austin, home of the one and only Spam Museum. Its only been open a few years, so I haven't yet made it inside this tribute to the canned meat, but it is high on my priority list.

    Blue Earth, Minnesota has a giant statue of the Jolly Green Giant, which can be seen from I-90.

    The Corn Palace in Mitchell, South Dakota should be high on your priority list. Its an arena sized building that's covered with Corn every year. I really shouldn't have to say any more than that.

    And of course, the final stop on a goofy tourist roadtrip to the Black Hills would have to include a stop in at Wall Drug. There aren't nearly as many signs as there were in decades past, but you'll have no trouble finding this tourist trap.

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    Default The Geekier the Better

    Michael has pointed you to the "classic" places along your route. By all means, stop at them if you can find the time. A few more off-the-wall stops might include the largest model of the solar system which is (mostly) in Peoria, IL although it does extend as far as 40 mile away to Kewanee (depending on how you feel about Pluto. Albert, the world's largest bull is on East Division St. in Audubon, IA. Also in Iowa, depending on whether a dork is similar to a geek, James T. Kirk will be born in Riverside in a couple of hundred years, and the town tackily revels in its future celebrity.


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    Wow! Thanks guys. That helps a ton. I'm guessing my guy friends will be more than eager to check out the world's largest six pack of beer. :)

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    Default South Dakota stuff....

    Sounds like a fun time! Heres a few ideas for you.
    For the geek in you, "The Cosmos" in Keystone, "Evans Plunge" in Hot springs,
    and for a place to stay, The Bullock Hotel (haunted) in Deadwood. Check out Wild Bill Hickock and Calamity Janes grave sites in Deadwoods Mount Moriah Cemetery while your there.
    For the not so geek in you....Crazy Horse Monument, Jewel Cave National Monument in Custer, and Badlands National Park. Check 'em out, they all have web sites. Any questions ask! Someone will answer!

    have fun!


    {Editor's Note: Rod & Judy Ness have found and submitted more roadside marvels and murals in the midwest than any other RTA contributor -- they seem to have knack for this type of roadtrip explorations}
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