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    I am visiting my Mother in Tyler and we want to take a small road trip. I have been trying to figure out where to go from here, but I am struggling. We would like to travel for 2-3 days. We would like to see some historical sites, but mainly canyons, parks, and anything native american. We could go any direction....... PLEASE HELP!!! Where should we go?

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    That area is rich in history and natural beauty, so depending on your interests, and how far you're willing to stray from Tyler, here are just a few things off the top of my head. You could go over to Gibsland, LA and poke around the site of (and museums devoted to) the gunning down of Bonnie and Clyde. But probably more in line with what you're looking for would be a run up into Oklahoma to see the Chief Gardner Home and Museum and the nearby Beavers Bend State Resort Park. One further possibility is to head up into Arkansas and dig for diamonds at Crater of Diamonds State Park. Each of those locations is within a few hours of Tyler.


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    I love the Bonnie & Clyde! We may go for some diamond mining too!!!
    Thank you! If anyone else has any ideas..... the more the merrier :)
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    Default East Texas

    You're not too far from Jefferson, Texas in Tyler - it's a great town to explore that's rich in history. Stalk my posts to see a roadtrip report about it and my other adventures in East Texas. Also along Highway 80 you can go to Grand Saline and see the salt house and the salt flats. Off I-20 is Kilgore where they have the East Texas Oil Museum (kinda trippy, yet cool at the same time).

    You can keep goint east into LA and see Bonnie and Clyde in Gibsland as suggested earlier. But also if you keep going east a couple more hours you can see Poverty Point in Epps, LA which is the location of mounds from the Mound Builders (your Native American wishes). About 45 minutes east of there in Mississippi you can tour the National Park for the Battle of Vicksburg.

    If you want to go south from Shreveport, LA you'll come across Natchitoches, LA which is almost as old as New Orleans and has been used in place of the French Quarter for several films lately. Natchitoches is also home to a rebuilt fort from the days when Louisiana was a French Colony. West of there is Nacodoches, TX where the space shuttle crashed a few years ago. It's the oldest city in Texas, I believe, and has lots of historical buildings, houses, etc.

    Check out the following website for other suggetsions.

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