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    Hi! I'm originally from California, but have been living in Prague, Czech Republic for 12 years. I am flying to New York in July with my family of 4 (Czech husband and 10 yr. old twins). We plan to rent a car either in New York or D.C. (I will be visiting sisters in both cities) and want to drive out to California (with a stop in Reno to visit my brother) along a southern route. We were thinking about camping and/or cheap motels along the way. Would like to drive a stretch of Route 66 starting in New Mexico and definately want to see the Grand Canyon. Do you think we can make it to Reno in 6 or 7 days? Can you recommend some good places to eat/see/take the kids on the way?

    I think my husband will have to drive the entire time because my California driver's license was stolen and as far as I know I can't get a replacement until I go into a California DMV (I am still technically a California resident). Do you happen to know if there any way I can get my license replaced in another state? If I don't have a license then my husband will have to be the one renting the car. Do you know if it's hard to rent a car with a foreign driver's license?

    We then plan to drive back to New York at the beginning of August on a more northern route (after visiting family in Seattle). Do you have advise for the best/most interesting route we could make back in 7 days or so? We are on a tight budget, so any and all advise we can get would be most appreciated!!

    THanks for your time and help. And happy new year!


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I think you might be a bit optimistic about the ground you can cover. NYC/DC to Reno is a very solid 5 day drive on the most direct route.

    So while you could make it to the Grand Canyon and then back up to Reno in 7 days, that's the minimum time you would need, and it really wouldn't give you time to do anything else. If you can't spend more time on this trip, then you might be better off taking a more direct route, perhaps routing through Colorado and Utah, and enjoying the many things there are to do along that route.

    Along the way back if you have 7 days from Seattle to NYC, you'll be in a similar position. You'll have to keep moving, but you'd have time for a quick stop at places like Yellowstone, Mt. Rushmore, or the Badlands as you make your way back. But you will again need at least 5 full days of driving, so your exploration time will be limited.

    As far as your drivers license issue, renting a car with a foriegn license shouldn't be a problem, although looking into an international drivers license might make things a little easier.

    However, if your old CA license would still be valid if it hadn't been stolen, you might be able to get a duplicate shipped to you. You'd have to contact the CA DMV directly and see if you have any options. If it would be expired anyway or they can't help you, you could probably get a New York or DC license using your sisters address as your residency. You'll have to take the drivers test again, but I don't think it would be a problem otherwise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by marnie View Post
    10 yr. old twins
    Ohh... I think your twins will go mad after a day or two, and then you and your husband will get more mad when they start fighting, screaming and ask you every fifth minutes if your trip is finished for the day soon...

    The trip NY - WDC - GC- Reno- Seattle -NY is at least 7500 miles with a minimum of sightseeing besides the Interstate highways. If you drive an average of 45mph, you need do drive constantly for 13 hours a day to make this trip in 12 days. It is hard to drive much faster as an average with four people in the car that needs food, visit restrooms or just a break.

    My suggestion is to go to New York, then to Washington by train. Then, fly to Seattle, and rent a car there for going to Reno, Grand Canyon and back to NYC in 10 days or so. Then you also have some time to go to California and show the kids where you used to live, your school and so.

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    "I think you might be a bit optimistic about the ground you can cover. NYC/DC to Reno is a very solid 5 day drive on the most direct route."

    I guess I've been gone so long that I forgot how far north Reno is! The part of the trip that is really important to me is the New Mexico to L.A. leg. We will leave Reno out for now and go straight to L.A., spend a couple week there, then hit Reno on the way up to Seattle. After a few days in Seattle we will head back to New York. So, my new question is: Best, fastest route from New York to New Mexico? Any tips on good sites for maps? I don't know even know what the freeways are, never having been east of New Mexico before!

    Thanks so much for your help!


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    Well, the most direct route would be I-78 to I-70 which takes you to St. Louis. From there you'd follow the path of Rt. 66 on I-44 to I-40. You'd have plenty of places to try and find the old route anywere along that stretch. You could also take I-80 to Chicago and then follow I-55 to St. Louis, which is a little bit farther, but it would let you follow the entire path of Route 66 if you have the time.

    There are plenty of online mapping sites. Rand Mcnally, Mapquest, and Google are the three of the most popular that each have their advantages and disadvantages.

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    If you have a drivers license from the CZ then you should be fine renting a car as CZ is in the EU, and renting a car with an EU license is no problem....least is wasn't in Nov. when we did

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