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    We'll be driving from upstate NY, Rochester to be exact, to Seattle in the Spring. We'll be flying back. We drove to Denver 25 years ago but disliked the sameness of some mid country state and would like to try a more northern route since our ultimate destination is Seattle anyway. We're just starting our planning so any sugestions would be helpful. Thanks

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    The most simple and fastest way between those two cities is to just take I-90 all the way across the country. Its around 2700 miles and can be comfortably covered in 5-6 long travel days.

    As far as the "sameness" of midamerica, I'd suggest you take a closer look as you travel through this part of the country. There are a whole lot of things to appreciate, if you have an open mind and take the time to enjoy them. I'd start by reading this account of one travelers trip through South Dakota, which includes many of the areas that would be right along your route.

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