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    Default Pittsburgh to Texarkana, AR

    Hi! I'm new to this site and am looking for some thoughts/advice. My friend and I (both 25yrs.) are planning a road trip from Pittsburgh to Texarkana, AR. I'm just starting my research, so any information would be great! I've got the directions for the main interstates, but am open to getting off the main roads to see the actual cities/towns along the way. We'd love to get some great photos along the way as well. I'm not sure how long of a trip we're going to make this...that has yet to be determined.

    From what I've read so far, there are many people on here with extensive travelling, if you're able to provide me with some information, please do!

    Thanks a bunch!

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    Default Plenty of options

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    A trip this wide open has lots of possibilities. Your trip is just over 1000 miles, so you can comfortably cover the distance in 2 days. So if you have more time than that, you'll have plenty of different things you could do.

    One way that might help you and your friend to start narrowing down your options is to take the Roadtrip Compatibility Quiz. That should help you and your companion focus on the areas where you'd have the most fun.
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    Default There Are Other Ways

    Actually, there are always lots of other ways to get from Point A to Point B other than the most coldly efficient. As Michael has noted, the Interstate route (I-70/I-71/I-65/I-40/I-30) is a shade over 1050 miles and can be driven in two days relatively easily. Just to show you what's also possible, consider the following hypothetical trip. You start out heading down to Wheeling just as you would otherwise, but then take OH-7 and US-52 down the Ohio River Valley to around Aberdeen, OH. From there, take US-62 and/or the Blue Grass Parkway to the Elizabethtown, KY area. Stop and see Mammoth Caves and then continue down I-65 to Nashville. The problem between here and Texarkana is that there are so few good crossings of the Mississippi. Just about the only viable, non-Interstate option is to take the Natchez Trace Parkway from Nashville to Tupelo, MS and then strike out west on US-278. Jog north on US-61 and use US-49 to cross the river and finally follow US-79 and US-278 into Texarkana. (US-278 is not continuous from Tupelo to Texarkana.- It does not cross the Mississippi.) Taking all those 'detours' adds about 200 miles, and probably an extra day, to the drive, but will make it much more photogenic and laid back than just barreling down the Interstates. There are any number of such possibilities, it just all depends on what you and your friend want to see and do, and how much time you have.


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    Default Thanks!

    Thanks for the information! I will take a look at the suggestions and talk with my friend! There are so many options of routes to take, places to stop, and things to see and's a little overwhelming, but we'll figure it out!


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