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  1. Default family roadtrip from dallas to montreal

    My parents, my sister (13) and I (23 - yes I still go on family roadtrips, so sue me) will be going on a roadtrip from Dallas TX to Montreal Canada next summer, prob lateMay to earlyJune.

    We prefer to set 2 weeks for this trip.

    1. What is the best route? Prefer nice scenery, pass through some unique roadside attractions, or must-see cities along the way. How long would you estimate it will take per way?

    2. Probably pass through Toronto as well. What are the best things to do there? Already planning on Niagara Falls. Also, what to do in Montreal? We like pretty naturey stuff/views, museums are okay too. Just any good photo-op places. We like to take pictures.

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    Default What about the other trip?

    Quote Originally Posted by raven18 View Post
    My parents, my sister (13) and I (23 - yes I still go on family roadtrips, so sue me) will be going on a roadtrip from Dallas TX to Montreal Canada next summer, prob lateMay to early June.
    So, is the other trip still on the schedule or is this one going to replace it?

    There are lots of posts about Montreal and Toronto destinations on this Forum -- just use the Search utility.


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    yeah, we took that trip last summer

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    Default Views/Nature/Museums

    My parents, my sister (13) and I (23 - yes I still go on family roadtrips, so sue me) will be going on a roadtrip from Dallas TX to Montreal Canada next summer, prob late May to earlyJune.
    Be sure to bring a warm coat with you, May and early June are considered as late Spring season in Montreal and it can still be pretty chilly, especially if you plan to visit the Old Port/Ste-Hèlène Island that are right next to the St. Lawrence River.

    Also, what to do in Montreal? We like pretty naturey stuff/views, museums are okay too.
    Nature...Hum, if you're truly looking for nature, I'd suggest you go in a more rural area (I'd have a lot of suggestions if you are interested), but if you prefer urban parks and "naturey" city attractions, here are a couple of places you might enjoy :

    - Parc du Mont-Royal;
    - Botanical Garden and Parc Maisonneuve (metro Pie IX);
    - Parc Lafontaine;
    - Biodome (mo Pie IX);
    - Parc Jean-Drapeau at Ste-Hélène Island (mo Jean-Drapeau);
    those 3 are great places to go rollerblading :
    - Bizard Island (West Island);
    - Lachine Canal National Historic Site;
    - Quais du Vieux-Port & Île Notre-Dame (mo Champs-de-Mars/Place d'Armes);

    Some of the best views of Montreal can be found at these locations :

    - Mont-Royal Observatory;
    - Westmount Belvedere and Summit Circle (although the view is not as good during the Spring or Summer because of all the blossoming trees);
    - Rooftop level Dance floor at Altitude 737 (49th floor) of Place Ville-Marie;
    - Tower of the Olympic Stadium (metro Pie IX);
    - SR 132 on the south shore between Champlain and Jacques Cartier bridges or in front of Habitat 67 en route to the Casino;
    - Biosphere on Ste-Hélène Island is the former US pavilion used during the Montreal Universal Exposition in 1967. A true chef d'oeuvre in architecture;

    Art museums :
    - Musée d'Art Contemporain (often refered to as MAC) features Contemporary art. (metro Place-des-Arts);
    - Musée des Beaux Arts on Sherbrooke St. West (metro Guy-Concordia);
    - Cinémathèque presents exhibitions about National and International cinema and television;
    - Pieces of artworks from several renown Quebec artists can be found in the various metro stations. For example, the colourful glass art piece that decorates the Champs-de-Mars metro station (old Montreal) was designed by Marcelle Ferron in the late sixties. Mrs Ferron was part of the Refus Global (~ Global Rejection) movement born in 1943 that helped to shape modern Quebec by rejecting traditional moral values as stated by a predominent Catholic elite. I believe that some authors in that movement even started to write automatic/spontaneous prose a few years before the Beatniks did;

    History museums :
    - Pointe-à-Callières (archeology and history) (metro Place d'Armes);
    - Stewart Military Museum and Fort de l'île Ste-Hélène (metro Jean-Drapeau);
    - Chateau Ramezay where Benjamin Franklyn stayed during the American Revolution trying to convince Lower Canada to join his ranks (metro Champs-de-Mars);
    - Économusée du fier monde (social and industrial history);
    - McCord (art and history);
    - Sir George Étienne Cartier N.H.S.;

    On a more "frivolous" note, don't miss the Just for Laughs Museum (mo St-Laurent), a quirky museum that traces the history of every famous Quebec comic that lived in the last century.

    Have fun!

  5. Default tx to canada road trip route

    I might've posted questions before but now the locations are more finalized (although still room to edit)

    So, this will be the route, more or less:

    Dallas -> St Louis -> Chicago -> Niagara Falls -> Toronto -> Ottawa -> Montreal -> Boston -> NY -> DC -> Great Smoky Mountains NP -> Memphis -> Dallas

    So, what are the top must-do things in each place, or along the way? Any other suggestions welcome.

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    Default Quite a Diverse Trip You've Got

    At around 4200 miles, you'll have to cover 300 miles per day on average. That's not prohibitive, but you will have to keep an eye on the odometer as you go and do a few 500+ mile days, so you can spend some time in the major cities and attractions along your way. For example, you should readably aim to get an early start on your first day and cover as many of the 630 miles to St. Louis as you can so that on the second day you can spend a fair amount of time at its many attractions.

    This might not be the best time to see Chicago, since its major downtown expressway is under construction, but if you do go, be sure to at least drive down Lake Shore Drive and visit the world class Field Museum. If, on the other hand, you decide to save Chicago for another day, take I-70 and I-69 from St. Louis to Sarnia for the border crossing. BTW - You DO have passports or Certified Birth Certificates for everybody, right?

    Toronto is another great lakefront town. Stroll Yonge Street, take a ride to the top of the CN Tower, check out the zoo. Then on the drive to Ottawa, take a little extra time and detour through the Thousand Islands region. My favorite activity in Ottawa was strolling around Parliament Hill, but I'm not sure what restrictions have been put on access since 9/11. Gen has already given you an exhaustive list of great things to see and do in Montréal.

    Mass Tim has previously pointed out some of the highlights of Boston and I'm sure that you'll have no trouble finding things to do in New York, but my favorite (and free! - except for the parking) thing to do is to ride the Staten Island Ferry. On the way down the coast, think about taking a stroll through Independence Mall in Philadelphia as well as, of course, one down the National Mall in Washington.

    Finally, for your return to Dallas, take some time and savor the Shenandoah Valley, the Blue Ridge Mountains, and some of the great small towns along the way such as Lexington.

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