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    Default Any Help Appreciated ~ Mississippi to Utah

    I will be moving to Clearfield, Utah in a few months.. and could use a little help with planning my road trip.. it will be me, my 2 kids (brittany is 14, austin is 12) and my soon-to-be hubby!!

    He already lives there.. and we are moving up there.. so he'll fly down and drive back with us..

    i thought it would be a fun idea to take a little extra time and "see the country" a little - as the kids haven't gotten to experience much of the U.S. (aside from MS, LA, GA, FL, and AL).

    i traveled with my Dad when I was younger all over CO, NM, WY, AZ, TX, AR, MO, TN and others.. and thoroughly enjoyed it.. but now that it comes time for me to go.. i want it to be extra special for them..

    i thought maybe some of you would have some insight on activities and attractions that would be fun along the way!!!!

    thanks a million!

    Anna & Family

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    Default Welcome

    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    There are many options for you to see on your trip, including the Ozarks, the Rocky Mountains, the Canyonlands, etc. You could either go North then West - giving you a route through Denver, CO, or West then North, and route through New Mexico and Arizona. I would recommend a route that takes you to the Grand Canyon, if you have enough time to do it. It may not be directly on the way, but definitely worth the side trip.

    How much time were you thinking of spending on the road, and what is you estimated date of departure? The reasoning behind that second question being the weather factor.

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    Default Sharing America and Roadtripping with your Kids is a great idea!

    Welcome to the Roadtrip America forums!

    There are so many possibilities. Of course, since we don't know your interests, it's hard for us to narrow it down for you. I would suggest you start by getting a good USA highway map that shows state and national parks on it. Trace the various major routes and see what lies along them. Use a marker or pins or some method to mark the things you would like to see. Then see if one route jumps out at you that will take you past most of the major things that you all would really enjoy exploring along the way.

    Your kids are definitely old enough to be involved in this process. Maybe they have things they would love to see and do? You should, if possible, take those into consideration. In fact, if they help plan the trip, they will have a bigger chance of enjoying it just as you enjoyed your trips with your family.

    Of course, the time of year and the number of days/weeks you have to travel, and possibly your budget, will all be factors you will need to take into consideration.

    Anyway, maybe do a bit of this groundwork first and then we can help you flesh out your plan and give you hints, tips, etc. I look forward to working with you to help make this trip a great success!

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    Default southern route

    Hi Kandimommi!

    Here's a post with lots of suggestions if you choose to take the southern route.

    Congratulations on the upcoming wedding!

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    Default my trip..

    ok.. it looks like i will be leaving MS on Jan 26th.. going to Clearfield, UT!

    a little sooner than i thought.. but i managed to sell my house already!! YAY

    so.. derek (my fiance) works at a company that deals with a lot of truckers.. and they strongly advised we go any way BUT through Denver.. so i'm looking for another route..

    the kids are 12 and 14.. and are very excited about seeing new things.. they have only been to the southern states and haven't ever been in mountains or anything like that!

    i WILL have my little chihuahua, Gucci, with us too.. so i am going to have to find things to do that i can bring her along.. or maybe leave her in the hotel while we visit certain places. i know this limits us some.. but i don't have another choice.

    we want to be in clearfield by the 31st.. i figure 5 days is enough time for us to drive there ~ stopping a few places along the way ~ and still have a fun trip..

    thanks for all your advice!!

    Anna & Family

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    Default Don't rule things out.. yet

    Congrats on selling the house, I'm sure that's making the rest of the move much less stressful.

    I wouldn't worry too much about Denver just yet. While they've been getting hit very hard this winter, you could still pretty easily avoid any major snowstorm.

    The fastest route I see for this trip has you taking I-10, I-49, and I-20 to Dallas. I-35 and I-135 North into Kansas, I-70 to Denver, and then I-25 and I-80 to your new home. While this does take you to Denver, it doesn't go over the mountains in Colorado. If the weather is clear, I'd highly recommend taking I-70 across Colorado for the scenery, but if not, I-25 and I-80 should avoid the real major issues you would face.

    Now if you are heading on your trip and it looks like Denver is getting hit with another storm, you can pretty easily modify your plans enroute. Instead of getting on I-70 at Salina, Kansas, you can continue up US-81 and take that to I-80 in Nebraska. Its not an interstate route but its relatively short, and I believe there is still a 65 mph speed limit most of the trip.

    Another possibility to avoid Denver would be to take I-55 all the way to St. Louis, then take I-70 across Missouri, and then use I-29 to take you up to I-80. I think this would be a little longer and take more time, but it would let you see the sights of Memphis, St. Louis, and Kansas City without making it too difficult to get to your destination in 5 days.

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