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    Default Houston to Memphis

    The wife and I are going to watch our Cougars in the Liberty Bowl. Here's our route:

    12/27 Houston to Texarkana (59 N) - stay with relatives
    12/28 Texarkana to Little Rock (30 E) to Memphis (40 E)

    Any restaurants or sights we should hit?

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    Neither of your two day's drives are terribly long, so you will have some time to relax along the way. I presume you'll be basically following US-59 up to Texarkana in which case you might want to consider taking a break at Lake Livingston or Caddo Lake State Parks and maybe rent a boat or a couple of horses for an hour off the road. Actually one thing that I enjoyed when driving through this area a few years back was just tuning in to the local AM radio stations to get a feel for this part of Texas which is vastly different from the urban, academic world you're used to.

    There are a couple of spots I like to recommend in Arkansas that aren't too far off your route. One is Crater of Diamonds State Park where you can dig for diamonds and keep any you find, and the second is Hot Springs National Park where the whole town is basically an historic park.

    As far as good places to eat, just get a good 5-10 miles off the Interstate before you even start looking. All you'll find at the exit ramps are the same homogenized, standardized, types of restaurants you can find anywhere. I like to get into smallish to medium sized towns and just see if I can find where the locals hang out. This won't be a problem on your Texas leg as you'll be driving right through the heart of a number of such towns, but is something you'll have to make a point of in Arkansas where you'll be largely on Interstates.


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    Printed out your suggestions. Thanks!

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