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    Hello everybody! I am a newbie here, but I love the site, and I LOVE road trips.

    I live in Midland, Michigan (basically in the middle of Michigan) and I wanted to take a road trip to somewhere warm initially, but with the cost of gas and lack of warm places within a 10-12 hour drive it didn't seem practical or possible. I was thinking Gatlinburg, TN, but ive been there before years ago. Then I thought about driving to NY to see the 911 memorial and times square, but that seems too hectic and not very relaxing.
    I've often thought about just driving the whole route 66 from Chicago to LA?, but I don't have that much time or money.
    I am just looking for ideas. I plan on leaving on a trip on Jan 2nd-5th, maybe a couple extra days if needed to somewhere, but I am lost on ideas. I don't mind traveling 10-12 hours away either. I think it is fun!

    Any ideas would be appreciated!
    Thanks for reading!
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    Default Northern Midwest

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    One of the great things about these forums is that people share ideas for (and reports from) just such RoadTrips as you are envisioning. Besides the threads listed at the bottom of this page, check out the following threads on the UP of Michigan, Great Lake Circumnavigations, and other ideas in the Midwest.


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    Default Maybe it's time to meander a bit?

    I think it's fun to sometimes just get in the car and wander. Maybe it's time for you to try something like that? No destination, no goal, just get in the car and travel down whatever road strikes your fancy. Stop and explore things that you may have zipped past a dozen times before and enjoy. Who knows where that road will take you?

    Caveat: In the winter, always make sure the road you're going down is safe for travel this time of year, it's not the time to explore backroads, and that you carry emergency supplies.


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    That is a pretty good idea...I've thought about that in the past and have done it more locally. I bet it would be fun to try it farther out...

    Thanks for the suggestions!

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