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    Default need help on traffic statis ( San Diego to Forte Worth)

    Well i try to search the traffics statis on San Diego to Forte Worth. So i know the weekly traffic going on and I know it's gonna be 18-19 hours drive. I dont know if i get there in time because I'm leaving on February 22 or 23 Mostly I try on, then i figure out that its doesnt have city to city and state roadtrip.. This is my last result could someone give me a site that do traffic to city to city or state to state, or help me figure this out.. =(

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    Default Not Hours, Days

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    I know of no sites that monitor intercity traffic, there are just too many highways!. A few states will let you view their traffic monitoring web cams, but again these are mostly in urban areas. Nevertheless, I can assure you that you cannot get from San Diego to Fort Worth in 18-19 hours. Not going to happen, No way. That drive is 1330 miles, and the only way to make it in the timeframe you envision is to drive 75 mph for every second of those hours (no gas stops, no food stops, no bathroom breaks, no slowing for traffic, no stopping for red lights) and by the end of it, even if you could do it, you'd be a highway-hypnotized, sleep-walking zombie. You need to think in days, not hours, for a trip of this magnitude. At the very least it will take you two full days of driving to make that distance. Don't forget that you lose two hours to time zone changes as well. The rule-of-thumb that we use around here, derived from real world experience, is to assume that we can cover about 57 mph when all stops and slowdowns are factored in.


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    Default true what u say..

    everything u said is true.. so have to leave 2 day before i go. i have a hotel at Green Oak Hotel on the Feb. 24. oh yeah, i'm takin 8 to 10 to 20 to 30 freeway east that all. i think its will be 26 hours drive. plus 2 hours change of hours too, i got to remember that. ok thanks alot for the information.

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