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    Hey everyone, my name is Mark and i'm new to the board. Just to let you know a bit about me; my friend and I recently graduate college and got an apartment in San Diego, CA. We are planning to drive out there on January 8th and getting there b/t January 15-16th. I have never done anything like so I could sure use some advice. Since we're going in the winter I thought it best to take a southern route, not sure which one to take though, I was thinking either route 40 or we could take the 20 into the 10 then take the 8 into San Diego (this is a bit farther south). My concern about the 40 would be a greater chance of winter weather. Has anyone done a similar drive??? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Also, if anyone knows some good stops on those routes I would love to hear it (the only stop I wanted was the grand canyon but that looks to be about a day out of the way).


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    If you look around the forum, you'll see a lot of people making plans for similar cross country trips this winter. The advice as far as routes go is all pretty much the same: your best bet is to make your decisions based on what the forecasts are showing during your travel. Sometimes that means heading as far south as you can go, like you mentioned via I-10, however even that route is not immune to bad snow and ice storms. While it might seem counterintuative, often times I-80 is actually the best route, because you are more likely to see snow than ice, and the road crews are more experienced with poor conditions.

    Now if you end up taking I-40 -which could be perfectly fine when you travel- the Grand Canyon is only an hour away from the Interstate. It could add a day of travel by the time you stop and enjoy it, but you could plan on it to be a reward if you hit clear conditions, where you cross it off your plans if mother nature forces you to add a day of travel to your trip somewhere else along your way.

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