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    I'm planning to take my girlfriend for a 3 or 4 days road trip from Phoenix, AZ to Salt Lake City, Utah. I would like a route that hit all the nice scenery and romantic place. what are the nice place to stay and pitch stop.

    I'm not familiar with road trip so any tip would be great.

    Thank you,

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    Phoenix to Salt Lake City is just about 700 miles, including a significant portion of two lane blacktop between Flagstaff and St. George. While you might be able to make this in one day of very hard driving, you will not have any time to stop anywhere along the way and you will be much to tired during your time in Salt lake to feel romantic. So, the first thing I'd recommend is that you cut back and choose southern Utah, say Zion National Park, as your destination. You could then take a leisurely drive up through Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon to Flagstaff. You can check out just a few of the scenic and romantic venues in this area by looking at the links provided in this post. Plan on spending the first night at a Bed and Breakfast in the Page area, and then you can continue on the next day through the spectacular Grand Staircase Escalante to Zion. Spend the second night in or around the park and then on the third and/or fourth day(s) retrace your route, seeing a few of the sights you didn't have time for on the way up. A relaxed, shorter trip is going to be much nicer and more romantic than a mad dash to Salt Lake, no matter how scenic the drive.


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