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  1. Default PCH over Christmas week

    Hello everyone,

    I'm a newbie at this so I apologize if this is redundant to anyone.
    I'm planning a last minute trip to California for Dec 24th - Jan 1st.
    We'd like to fly in to San Fran and drive down to LA/San Diego through the Pacific Coast Highway. Is there anything that we can do over Christmas? Will all the stops along the way be closed?

    Any iternary suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!


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    Default lots to see

    I've not traveled that highway at this time of year, so I'm sure some things may be closed, but much should be open too.

    Monterey and Carmel-by-the-Sea are both great towns. Of course, John Steinbeck made that area famous.

    The Hearst Castle at San Simeon is sure to be open - check - incredible!

    Solvang, a bit inland near Santa Barbara is a fun wine country experience - much of the movie "Sideways" was filmed in the area.

    Downtown Santa Barbara along the ocean is great people watching and they've got fun restaurants and shops along the waterfront area.

    In the LA area - maybe Universal Studios or the Warner Bros VIP Tour - back stage where many films and TV shows are filmed.

    And, of course, you've got to see Venice Beach, Hollywood, The Rose Bowl and all the usual stuff!

    San Diego is one of my favorite cities too. Enjoy your road Trip.

    Carol White

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    I am planning the same trip the week after Christmas, and we'll be stopping in Monterey on Christmas night (25th) so I know that's open. I haven't heard of much of anything being closed. Good luck!

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    Default Should be fine

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    You should be perfectly fine doing this trip at that time. In fact, based on the posts on this forum about traveling the PCH around Christmas, you will probably have plenty of company.

    Other than your typical business closings on Christmas and New Years Day, you shouldn't run into any problems. However, you may want to consider making your lodging reservations in advance.

    Like I mentioned, there have been quite a few posts about this trip over the holidays recently, including this one. I'd check out those posts, and use the forum's search function to find more details.

  5. Default The road is open...

    I've done the LA to SF trip on PCH at Christmas Break a couple of times.

    Everything should be open, but will be on winter hours. (Eg, business hours pretty much). Hearst Castle and all the parks and restaurants and stores will be open.

    However, don't plan on finding many stores open on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, or New Years Day. There will be some gas stations and stores open open along the main roads, but I'm sure places like Hearst Castle or elsewhere that aren't necessities will be closed.

    From a weather standpoint it should be cool, perhaps a bit foggy (definitely dewey in the mornings) and you might even get a bit of rain during the week. Sweater weather.

    A rough itenerary could be

    Night of the 24th in SF. It'll be Christmas Eve so just about everything outside the hotel might be closed...

    Night of the 25th in Monterey. You'll be traveling on Christmas Day -- most places will be closed. The next day take your time down Big Sur in a leisurely drive -- make sure to get out of the car and investigate a few places.

    Night of the 26th in San Simeon/ Cambria. You'll need reservations here, if you can get them. I'd do Hearst Castle the 27th, and then head over to Paso Robles to stop at a couple of wineries to taste, befor heading to..

    Night of the 27th in Santa Barbara. You could stay in Solvang and do more wine tasting in the area, but I like SB better. (Personal preference...)

    Night of the 28th somewhere in LA. Depends upon what you want. My preference is for the Huntingon Beach/ Newport Beach area -- Surf City. It's also fairly close to Disneyland and Knotts Berry farm and the Aquarium of the Pacific.

    Night of the 29th. Probably here as well -- Laguna beach and the artists shows and store.

    Night of the 30th, somewhere in San Diego. Balboa Park, San Diego Zoo, Sea World, etc. You might consider taking the Trolley down to Tijuiana and going into Mexico for the afternoon.

    Night of the 31st -- New Years Eve in San Diego. Find a nice place, have a nice dinner with champagne.

    New years Day -- San Diego.

  6. Default thanks!

    oh wow! thanks everyone for all the responses.

    can't wait to be there already!!


  7. Default Tijuana on Christmas?

    Hello everyone,

    I had previously asked about driving south on the PCH over Christmas week. Plans changed and we'll be driving North instead. We'll be flying into San Diego on the 24th and thinking of staying a day or so. Is it a bad idea to go to Tijuana on the 25th? Will all the shops be closed?

    Thanks in advance!


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    Default Just a guess

    I've never traveled south of the border on a holiday, so I'm just guessing here. However, I suspect that you would find most places closed. Religion tends to be a much bigger part of the Mexican culture, so I would think most commerce would be pretty much dead.

    Of course, since TJ is a very quick trip from San Diego, you could always cross over the border and check it out for yourself. If things are quiet, you could always just head right back north.

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