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    Next Thursday we are heading off to Idaho from Burbank, CA. We will stop in Santa Maria, CA for an early dinner, and then off to Truckee, CA for the night, and then next day we'll finish it off. Looks to be about 7-8 hours of driving both days.

    I'm concerned about snow. I've does this route various times and there is a windy, mountainous section once you get into California from Nevada. Everytime I've been there it's either raining or snowing.

    It seems to be snowing quite a bit in Idaho this year, and of course I'm concerned after hearing that story about the family who's car got stuck in the snow in Oregon (we pass through the corner of Oregon).

    Here's the route:

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    Anyone know what the road conditions are like up there, and where I can find up-to-date weather reports? Thanks!
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    Oregon and Idaho both have very good travelers information services:

    In Oregon: 511
    Outside Oregon: 800-977-6368

    In Idaho: 511
    Outside Idaho: 888-432-7623

    Both states are part of the national 511 system, and they recently should have been upgraded to allow you to switch between Oregon and Idaho without redialing a new number.

    Also, weather can be checked at or A good idea might be to get a all-hazards/weather radio. Those will get you the best forecast information directly from the National Weather Service 24/7.

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    Whoa thank you very much Mr. Helpful :)

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