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  1. Default Albuquerque, New Mexico; Amarillo, TX

    Ill be in these two towns looking for stuff to do; does anyone know any cool places to go, restaurants to eat, places to sleep, or bars to drink at?

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    Default Old Towne Albuquerque

    There is a section of Albuquerque known as Old Town (or Towne) that has some great SW architecture, lots of interesting shops, and good restaurants. I don't recall the names of any particular places that we enjoyed more than others. Every place we ate was great in that area. There are also hotels in that immediate vicinity so you can just walk the Old Town area. Haven't been to Amarillo so, sorry, no help there.

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    Default Some more from Albuquerque

    Quote Originally Posted by KingofJacks View Post
    restaurants to eat, places to sleep, or bars to drink at?
    The breakfast burritos at the Bosque Bull in the NW are legendary, the Cafe Bodega in the NE may be one of the best restaurants in the Southwest, if the menu calls for fresh fish -- you can bet it was flown in un-frozen and the lemon curd is outstanding. The Route 66 Malt Shop is another favorite -- a far cry from cookie cutter fast food restaurants. Another locals-only hang-out is the M&J Sanitary Tortilla Factory (I have always loved that name) -- there is no booze and they only take cash -- but an fun place to chow down on authentic New Mexico cuisine. Best bar? Hmmmm, maybe the Blues Bar, downstairs at the Zinc on Central Avenue.

    Hope that is a good start.


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    Default Those are great recommendations, but...

    Unfortunately, three of those restaurants have gone out of business in the last year or so. The Bosque Bull was torn down and they put up a Domino’s. M& J Tortilla Factory closed down last winter. And, sadly, Matt Brewer, the chef/owner of Café Bodega, passed away in February, 2005. He was only 39 years old.

    The Route 66 Malt Shop is still around, although the owner said that they’re going to be looking for a new location very soon. I think she said that the landlord is selling the property to a real estate developer. I’m sure they’ll find a new place close by. Excellent food, and they have great homemade root beer.

    Two more places in the Old Town area:

    Duran’s Central Pharmacy: It’s a pharmacy with a little restaurant in the back. Good New Mexican food, even though the chile isn’t hot enough. Freshly made flour tortillas. Mmmm.

    Seasons Rotisserie and Grill: Nice restaurant just north of Old Town.

    There are just too many good restaurants for me to list here, so here’s a link to a good website. Gil Garduño isn’t a professional food critic, he just likes good food.

    Can’t help you much with bars. Kelly’s Brew Pub and O’Neill’s are popular places. Zinc is nice from what I’ve heard.

    KoJ, I see that you’re traveling from New Jersey to San Diego in a week. It doesn’t sound like you’ll have much time to sightsee, but Old Town is worth a look around. Another place you might go is the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center, just off I-40 on 12th St. Their museum is really interesting.

    The Sandia Peak Tramway is really cool, but in the middle of the winter? Hmmm. It’s a fun ride up, and the view from the top of the mountain is really great when the weather is clear. But during the winter it’s pretty cold up there ( 10,000 feet+ ). If you were going to be here any other time of the year I’d say go for it, but in January you might not really enjoy it. Unless you were going to go skiing. Then it’s great!

    Have a great trip!
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    Default Wow, thanks for the sad news

    Quote Originally Posted by howard View Post
    Unfortunately, three of those restaurants have gone out of business in the last year or so.
    Howard, I appreciate the Intel, so sorry to hear of Matt's passing. Thanks for the other suggestions.


  6. Default Sandia Peak Tramway

    If cold doesn't bother you, and you DO decide to go up the mountain on the tram -- I had a great sandwich up there at the High Finance Restaurant. Bob
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    Default Amarillo, TX

    Terrific breakfast/lunch treats at Village Bakery Cafe. For a great drink and local food and people watching go to BL Bistro or Zen 721. I suggest the Ambassador Hotel, in the middle of town, attached is a TGI Friday's. The American Quarter Horse Museum is a nice 2hr visit, Palo Duro Canyon State Park is the second largest canyon, plan 2 to 3 hours, and while in Canyon plan 4 hours at the Panhandle Plains Historical Museum on the campus of West TX State University, in Canyon. Canyon is a terrific little town very artsy and fun. Great little shops on the square in downtown Canyon, must visit!! No bars in Canyon though, dry, but come back to Amarillo and go to Boondocks, Rumers, or Golden Light for a great burger, fresh cut fries and rocken' music Tuesday-Saturday. Hope this helps!! Have a terrific visit!!
    LeAnn ;)

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    Default Munchies already!

    Quote Originally Posted by leannd00 View Post
    Terrific breakfast/lunch treats...
    LeAnn, thanks for all of the good ideas and suggestions!


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