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    My husband and I are driving from San Jose, CA to Iowa City, IA and plan to leave on 12/28. We're going to be driving a Toyota Camry. Any thoughts on the best route to take this time of year? We're debating between taking I-80 or first heading South. Any input is much appreciated!

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    Default I-80

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    Personally, I'd stick to I-80. The best bet is usually just to find the most direct route and hope you don't hit bad weather. Heading South - presumably to I-40 - would add several hundred miles to your trip, and would still not guarentee good weather.

    I-80 is a heavily used cross country trucking route, and so in the event of snow, it is usually cleared quite quickly. Plus, since that part of the country gets snow on a regular basis, it also get cleared a little more quickly, since the area road crews are familiar with how to handle winter conditions.

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    Sounds like there is good reason to go I-80. Appreciate the advice!

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