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    im driving from ny to california leaving around jan 3rd i have about two weeks to get there and its me and a friend. Two 21 year old guys and I was wondering if anyone new some good party cities along the way.

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    Default College Towns

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Did you already have a route in mind for this trip?

    "Party City" is one of those things that can be hard to define, but in general you can find plenty of good clubs and the like in most major cities and in college towns. Looking at the lists of "party schools" put out by a handful of magazines would probably help you find some places that are right up your alley.

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    Default Springfield, Il

    Downtown Springfield has quite a vibrant nightlife on the weekends. If you stay at the Hilton or Abraham Lincoln hotels, you can walk, and not worry about DUIs.

    LaClede Landing in St. Louis is a good time as well.

    Plus, the square in Springfield, Mo. is a growing party area. Check out Big Whiskeys.

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