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    Default travel guide recommendations, anyone?

    My husband and I are planning a road trip in Spring 2007. Here's a very rough plan:
    March 21st.- flying to Chicago. We've both been there twice, although not together. I like the city, the husband could care less about it, but it's a good starting point for us and that's why we'll land there. We'll drive all the way to California on Route 66, with a detour to Santa Fe.
    San diego (where my husband's brother and his family live)
    Los Angeles
    Las Vegas around April 16th-19th for a conference
    San Francisco and up the coast to Seattle

    Montana, Wyoming, Colorado
    June 14th - returning the car in Chicago, taking another car which we'll return in New York City 14 days later (the rental company does not rent for a longer period than 56 days and drop-off charges in the middle of nowhere is too expensive, hence the return to Chicago).
    We're not quite sure how we'll drive to New York - either via Canada and the New England coast or via the Tri-State area.

    Pretty ambitious, I know, but we've been talking about this road trip pretty much since our first date, almost 6 years ago :^)
    We plan to sleep in cheap motels, truck stops, camp grounds and on friends' floors and couches, visit both big cities and nature resorts. We'll have AAA, NPS and student cards (any other discount cards we should know about?).

    This will be my husband third time in the US and my 4th but our previous trips were quite different than this one. We've got a couple of Route 66 books and guides and a bunch of official state-issued visitor's guides and a friend should provie us with one of the 'off the road' sort of guides. Nevertheless, We'd like to buy a more 'traditional' kind of guide. Lonely Planet is always a default choice but we found some flaws in it both in Cyprus and in Germany. Has anyone had an experience with LP USA or perhaps with another guide?

    Thanks in advance

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    Default We have an entire department

    Quote Originally Posted by loola View Post
    Nevertheless, We'd like to buy a more 'traditional' kind of guide. Lonely Planet is always a default choice but we found some flaws in it both in Cyprus and in Germany. Has anyone had an experience with LP USA or perhaps with another guide?
    Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum. Sounds like quite an adventure. With respect to guide books, we have several that we personally recommend. Here is the list of those that we have reviewed and measure up to our standards.

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    Default Route 66

    You'll have a great cruise on the Mother Road. My wife and I just got back from two weeks on it in late September. Check out the Field Reports.

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    I am also planning a similar trip (not as ambitious!!) and I picked up the Roadtripping USA: The Complete Coast-to-Coast Guide to America, by Let's Go Books- Great guide to eight different cross-country routes

    and so far it has been Soooooooooooo helpful. There is so much info in this book! Not to mention a full list of Route 66 tour city by city and Highway 101. It may be very helpful to you.


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    a couple of days ago I returned from a 'road trip' down the road, to the municipal hospital - hence the silence ;)

    I feel better now and would like to thank you all for the replies. RoadDog - your field report definitely cheered me up. I am not really used to long distances but your intake makes our plan for a ~12 days on the Mother Road quite doable.

    I'll check out the list and recommendations and decide what to add to the birthday wishlist - thanks for the reference.


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    Default Road Trip Books

    My husband and I spent a whole year traveling around the US (see our travel journal and then click on "our travel journal").

    We had several guides with us on the trip. We liked the AAA Tour Guides for "block and tackling" information - ie what time does this place open?, what is the admission to this attraction?, etc. They are updated every year and provide really comprehensive information on all the major attractions.

    Our absolute favorite guide though was Jamie Jensen's Road Trip USA - now in its recently released 4th edition. Jamie finds all the quirky, off-beat places, which is a nice compliment to the more staid AAA books. It is on the RTA guide to books and is always highly rated on Amazon.

    Depending upon your interests, you may want to buy some specialty guides. For instance, I noticed that you will have a National Parks Pass, so be sure to buy a guide to the National Parks - we liked the one by National Geographic. If you want to see things being made in the US - there is a guide for that too. RTA has a good selection of ideas and we've posted some of our favorite road trip books at this link.

    We wish you well - you'll have a great time on your trip. Our #1 piece of advice? Don't over plan your trip. You have to make way for serendipitous things to happen along the way.

    Carol White
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    Default Wow, Carol!

    One day when we'll have the money and the time we'll follow your way (or rather - create our own).
    A friend had lent me one of the earlier editions of Road Trip USA. Whereas we are going to drive parts of many of the routes Jensen describes, it's a shame we'll have to read it "backwards". He writes West-East and North-South while we'll take the westbound 66 and northbound 101. Oh well...

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