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    taking a family trip from Chicago to Miami and back. Only want 2 days on the road going there and coming back, Spending 5 days in MIAMI. but would love to know a scenic route, Best place to stop and sleep, or Suggestion for in Miami. :) THANKS OH, also this is our first roadtrip with a dog. CUTEST LIL MALTESE youve ever seen. Shes a great dog and is used to being in the car, anybody with tips for roadtrips with pets as well?

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    There are plenty of scenic routes between Chicago and Miami. Unfortunately, you will not have time for any of them. It is nearly 1400 miles between those two cities by the most direct route (I-65/I-24/I-75/FlaTPK/I-95) and that is actually more than I suspect you can cover in just two days. Besides just having to cover that many miles, you will also have to negotiate your way through or around Indianapolis, Nashville, Chattanooga, Atlanta and Orlando, all of which are going to slow you down even further. As for a place to stop, Atlanta is roughly half way, so that's your choice. Try, if at all possible, to get through the city on the evening of the first day so that you aren't trying to navigate it in morning rush hour.


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    Chicago to Miami in 2 days is a tough one. Its 1400 miles, and if you do try to conquer this distance in this time, you certainly won't have time for scenic, you'll need fast and direct. There are a couple of similar options, but I-65 to Indy, I-74 to Cinci, I-75 to the Florida Turnpike would be about the quickest. Even there, you'll be looking at a minimum of 13 hours on the road each day.

    However, since you have a dog, and since this is a "family trip," I also assume there will be at least one child involved? That makes things even more difficult. Not only is 13 hours in a car for 2 days in a row nearly unbearable for children and dogs alike, but it will also cause you to take more time during your stops - likely meaning even more time on the road.

    I would strongly urge you to add some more travel time to your plans, the alternate will almost certainly mean a memorable trip, but not in a good way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by feetntheground View Post
    Shes a great dog and is used to being in the car, anybody with tips for roadtrips with pets as well?
    Same responses as above regarding the problems of driving 1400+ miles in two days, but here are some tips about traveling with critters and a little more about proper pet restraint devices and finally some of our thoughts about traveling with four-legged pals....

    I hope this helps.


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