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    I am planing to take a trip with my family to Toronto from Virginia, it is around 565 miles during last week of december and coming back in first week of january. What kind of weather should I expect during this time period. Is it tough from virginia to buffalo or buffalo to Toronto? Is there a website where I can get road conditions?
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    This time of year around Buffalo can be quite brutal for weather due to lake effect conditions. Of course, predicting the weather any more than a few days out is an exercise in futility, but it is best to be prepared. If it looks like the weather will be okay, I would put some exploring in there (depending on how much time you have to make the journey each way); otherwise, I'd stick to the Interstates as much as possible.

    Before you head out, check some of the links on this page. I would also suggest reading this article written by Mark (Editor).

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