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    Default Iowa to Denver, Colorado

    Hey everyone! My boyfriend and I are taking a trip to Colorado the week after Christmas for a mini vacation. Nebraska can be very boring so I wondered if anyone has any great ideas for us to stop & see or do along the way. Also, any ideas for some "hidden treasures" in Colorado would be great appreciated as well. Great hidden resturants, the small friendly towns & places, pubs, bars, irish places, shops, really anything you can think of.

    Thanks a bunch!

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    Default Nebraska

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    We have a saying around here that "There are no boring places" and perhaps nowhere has gotten a less deserved bad reputation than the Great Plains. The truth is that there are great scenery, landmarks and history there, especially along the route between Ames and Denver through Nebraska, which after all follows the route of the Oregon Trail. As an aside: I often cite this Trail website, but just noticed that it is hosted by your home institution. There is probably a wealth of information available to you that could make this trip truly rewarding!

    On the same theme, there is the unique 'museum', the Pioneer Village, a sort of Dearborn Village of the Plains, southwest of Grand Island as well as a restored Pony Express Station in Gothenburg. That last link contains a lot of additional info on and sources for the history of our westward migration.

    On a lighter note, Kool-Aid got its start in Hastings, NE, and has a museum dedicated to it in town. And the Fort Cody Trading Post is, despite its historic sounding name, one of those roadside kitsch stops that every RoadTrip ought to include.

    Once in Colorado, most of the things you should see are pretty well known, for example Rocky Mountain National Park. But two lesser known 'attractions' that I particularly enjoyed were the (Unsinkable) Molly Brown House in Denver and the "Oh My God" Road between Central City and Idaho Springs. Actually the later's real designation is the Virginia Canyon Road, but the more popular appellation fits.

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