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  1. Default Yosemite to Las Vegas via Death Valley

    Bit of a big one this I know but we would like to do it, leaving the Left hand side of Yosimite (the road through is closed AFAIK), through Death Valley and on to Vegas. Can we do it in a day with 2 drivers?

    Thanks in advance

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    Default Yosemite and/or Death Valley = popular

    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    There are a lot of threads on this forum about this same trip - see here for many - maybe some of the other members more familiar will chime in.

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    Default Possible, but not recommended

    Since you have to route through Bakersfield in the winter, the fastest Trip from Yosemite to Las Vegas is around 8 hours.

    A detour to Death Valley via this route will add at least 3-4 hours to the trip. So you'd be looking at a pretty solid 12 hours on the road, and thats before you even stop to take one picture.

    So, yes, its physically possible, but it would make for a very long day, and you would have very little time to explore DV.

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    OK, thanks, that makes sense, I thought it was a bit hopeful.
    We will probably leave Yosemite late afternoon and book into somewhere past Bakersfield, anything to get us a decent part day looking around Death Valley. Looking on Google Earth I reckon #178 East, #395 north, then #190 East through or past Olancha. Once through Death Valley it looks a fairly 'easy' run to Vegas. I speak as a beginner ;-))


  5. Default Check the weather before you head out..

    Just a note -- 178 past Lake Isabella does get snow on it, so you just need to be aware of the conditions on the road. The route a bit farther south (58 to 14) is almost as fast in my experience as the road lets you go a higher rate of speed -- but 178 is a more scenic route and more direct route.

    If you're taking this general route, Ridgecrest is about the closest town of any significant size that would have a selection of hotels and motels. In my experience they have a fair number, since they also support China Lake Naval Weapons test range north of town and hence have lodging for a fair number of contractors and employees who visit the town for test and demonstration programs at China Lake. From China Lake to the entrance to Death Valley is about an hour or so -- last time I went through I went up via Trona to DV, which is a more direct route from Ridgecrest.

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    Default Lodging Past Bakersfield

    The route you're planning is a fine one, in fact, I've driven from Bakersfield to DV that way myself.

    However, adding onto what Larrison said, if you are planning to get past Bakersfield, you will find there is not much in terms of hotels. Lake Isabella has a couple of motels, but that's about it on the route you've got planned. Ridgecrest or Inyokern slightly out of the way, would also be options.

    Otherwise, you could use CA-58 and CA-14. While less direct, it should be a little bit faster and you'd have motels available in Techachapi or Mojave.

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