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  1. Default Wife and I need to find the escape hatch

    We live in Middle Tennessee and are looking for a week after Christmas 3 or 4 day Road Trip.

    We have considered Fayetteville, AR because we like College Towns. I thought we might take a back way to get there through Hannibal, MO or Cape Girarde, MO so we could see Mark Twain's Landscape.

    However, I am a little apprehensive about making this trip the week after Christmas (Dead College Town? Everyone is back at home rather than in school).

    We have also thought about Charleston, South Carolina. She's been there. I have not.

    We are in our 30's. We work hard and feel we need a break. Please help with any suggestions; not just the two locations listed above.


    Tom Brashear

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    Default Lotsa Options

    Welcome to the RTA Forum! I think a lot of people, including myself, can understand the need to just get away for a while.

    I think your first two options would be decent, although I suspect you might be right in assuming that a college town will be fairly dead over the holidays.

    A couple other ideas you could consider, would include heading to another part of the Carolina Coast, like the Outer Banks. Another coastal option would be to head south towards the Florida Panhandle.

    Or you could go for a more urban approach, say St. Louis, Atlanta, or even Chicago. There are certainly plenty of things to keep you busy in any of those places.

  3. Default Thanks for the input.

    I might look more cosely at the NC/SC coastal option.

    We might save the Arkansas trip for warmer whether and school being in session.

    It is one of Two SEC campuses we have yet to visit.

    The other being Columbia, SC though we have both been in Columbia the town before.

    The Gulf Coast has crossed my mind.


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