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    My friend and I are planning a roadtrip from Dayton, OH to Phoenix, AZ. We're trying to map out our trip and we're looking for some cool places to stop along the way. Does anybody have any suggestions on scenic routes or breathtaking sites to see?? We are renting a compact car so we're afraid of planning a trip that will lead us into really bad weather. We also have a feeling we're going to plan too boring of a trip. Any suggestions or help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!

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    Everyone's tastes differ, so it's hard to tell what's good for you with only the endpoints of the trip listed. Nevertheless, for starters, you're going to be going through some great places including St. Louis, the Ozarks of southwestern Missouri; and past some unique national treasures including Petroglyph National Monument and Petrified Forest National Park. In addition, after St. Louis, you'll largely be following the old Route 66 alignment. Finally, read through this thread for a host of things to see and do on your final leg into Phoenix.


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