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    Hi! My boyfriend and I are driving from Dallas to New York from Dec 17-Dec 31. It's our first road trip.

    We are thinking of visiting--

    little rock/New Orleans? (thinking of driving along the east coast line New Orleans-Atlanta-North Carolina shore line-DC-NYC)
    blue ridge pkw/smoky mountain
    NYC (2-4days?)

    What do you think about this route? in this season? My boyfriend's mom is in NY so we made it the destination. We don't have much time left but I'm trying to make a detailed plan.

    Do you think there are other places that we should see? Any suggestions on the itinerary? What would the budget be like?

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Fortunately, you do have two weeks for the trip which will actually allow you to slow down and smell the roses (so to speak, not at this time of year!) The more direct route, by way of Little Rock, Knoxville and Harrisburg, is about 1550 miles and you should plan on a minimum of three days for it. The coastal route, by way of New Orleans, Atlanta, the Outer Banks and Washington, is a fair bit longer at around 2175 miles and requires at least four days to drive. You could, of course, take one route north and the other one on your return. Adding a couple of days worth of time for sightseeing to both drives takes your driving total up to 11 days which still leaves 3-4 days to see New York and visit with mom. So the first thing you'll need to do is to sit down with your boyfriend and budget your time with those broad outlines in mind. There is more than enough to do and see along either route to keep you occupied. What you stop for depends on your interests: scenic? historic? romantic? quirky? Having a rough draft of a plan and stating your interests will help people give you more specific pointers to things you're apt to enjoy. Just to whet your appetite, I will point you to this thread of a trip I mad through the same area last year. Note that I, too, used two different routes. One is pretty close to what you are calling your coastal route, and the other is a bit farther north than your direct route. But I have made the journey using basically I-40/I-81/I-78 as well and can offer tips there if you decide to use it and let me know what you'd like in the way of attractions.

    One thing I will suggest that you forget is the Blue Ridge Parkway. Especially in its southern reaches it is not maintained (plowed) during the winter, and the storm that has recently wreaked havoc on the midwest and east has probably closed it until warmer weather melts all the snow and ice.


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    thanks for the reply!!

    I thought blue ridge pkw could be the best part on our way to New york! I didn't know about the recent weather conditions..

    It's very helpful to look at your trip! I'll need to do more homework and come back with questions :)

  4. Default Start planning! What do you think?

    It's great to have the expert to help-- thanks for the reply again!

    I made a simple itineray:

    12/16 Dallas-New Orleans 499 miles 7 hours
    12/17 New Orleans
    12/18 -Montogomery, Alabama- Atlanta, GA 473 miles 7 hours
    12/19 –Augusta 120 miles -Columbia 68miles -Florence 79miles-Wilmington ~70 miles ~350 miles total, 6 hours
    -Grenville, North Carolina 134 miles
    12/20 -DC -Baltimore
    12/21 -Philadelphia - NYC
    12/22 Rest, time with family
    12/23time with Family/ friends
    12/24- Boston- 12/25(Pittsburg 593 miles 10 hours)
    12/26 –Charleston 229
    12/27- Nashville 391
    12/28 -Memphis 210 miles -Little Rock 137 miles
    12/29 Dallas 319 miles

    As you can tell, I put mostly cities in this itinerary. Cities make the frame for the trip, but I'll need to add content to it, and they would be scenic routes, little towns and historic sites. I haven't get to it yet. I will have to look at each specific state to find out what worth visiting.. Please let me know what you think about this itineray, and what I should change/add to it. Any suggestions will be much appreciated!!

    One more thing, I'm quite concerned with the weather --how would it really affect this trip? What can I expect about the driving? Do I need to change tire, add chains, check my car, buy antifreeze for gas, insulated clothing for my car? It adds a lot to my budget-- what are the necessities?
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    Quote Originally Posted by miracle8 View Post
    Do I need to change tire, add chains, check my car, buy antifreeze for gas, insulated clothing for my car? It adds a lot to my budget-- what are the necessities?
    Of all of these items, insulated clothing would be the best thing to take with you. Most fuel is already treated with an antifreeze, so buying more is pretty much a waste. Having your car checked is always a good idea before a long trip. Chains aren't very popular in the East, and if your route is primarily Interstate, you shouldn't have too much trouble, provided you watch the weather (and traffic!) before you head out. There is nothing quite like Boston traffic patterns (if you mean Boston proper, anyway).

    Here is a good page with tips.
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    Default Pushing it a little

    Your plan is certainly reasonable. Just keep in mind, your time estimates are a little on the low side. The 500 mile days you've got planned on your drive to NYC will probably take you about 9 hours once you figure in the necessary stops for food, fuel, and the like.

    500 mile days are a very reasonable daily distance on a long roadtrip, however, it doesn't leave very much time for small towns, scenic routes, or historic sites. Its not impossible, but I do think you are underestimating a little bit.

    There's only one place I see a red flag, and thats on christmas eve. 600 miles is a pretty major distance in one day, and it will be made much worse by the fact that it will be a holiday travel day and your trip will will take you to some of the snowiest areas of the US. I'm also a little confused, are you planning to start the day in Boston, or are you going to be in NY and then drive up there on the 24th? If you're starting from Boston, then I'd expect to travel a little less that day, and if you are starting fron NY, then I'd leave out Boston all together for this trip.

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    Thanks for the help!

    To Tim:
    I see. Thanks! I saw all these suggestions in a article about winter driving but didn't know what's really needed. I guess except for having my car checked, everything else are not really needed. -- Do you know where I can find the insulated clothing for car? I probably won't get it if it's too expensive.

    To Michael:
    It does seem like we won't have much time left to explore the locals. Hmm. I need to do a little more homework, and maybe adjust the distance we are going to drive in one day depending on how much we can do in that area.

    Thanks for pointing it out the potential problems in the schedule!
    I changed the schedule in Boston. We are visiting a couple of friends there so we'll might stay there on Christmas eve, which shifts our schedule back for one day. As to the driving next day, I guess we might have to stop somewhere between Pittsburg and Charleston, and take care of both the next day.

    I need to do more homework about each area we are visiting. There is so much to see, I might need a book to get the highlights-- Let me know if you have recommendations or any other suggestions!

    Thanks again!
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