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  1. Default My road trip in the USA!


    .I need about 20-30 more places to stop. I want my trip to last until Christmas 2008!
    .Trip will be in my new 2006 40ft Gulf Stream Motorhome
    .Trip is well funded
    .I will divide my time 50/50 between motorhome & hotels.
    .Campground advice is much welcomed!
    .Goal is to "see it all!"

    where did my post go?
    Editor's Note: This forum is not intended to serve as a repository for such long lists -- The members of this board provide help and ideas, but there needs to be a question in there (as I told you in the private correspondence -- offline).
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    Default Questions?

    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    We recently had a very similar post to this, and one of the questions was - what is the poster looking for? The best tip I can give you at this point is to break the post up a bit - how are you getting from one place to another (what route)? What are your interests? Just a quick glance at your list shows some back-tracking as well.

    You would be better served by breaking this up into separate posts and asking the questions pertaining to the area you will be in when the time approaches.
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    Default General Advice

    I agree with Tim that you'll have much better luck getting advice if you tell us what you are trying to achieve and target your questions to specific areas.

    I'll say this, I do find it strange that you've got stretches in the east and the midwest where you are planning 20-30 mile drives each day for a couple of days zig zagging through a basic area, and then in the west, you are giving yourself days where you'll need to drive more than 400 miles which won't leave you much time to explore.

    If you've got this much time and unlimited resources and you really want to "see it all" (you won't be able to, but you'll still have a good time), then get rid of the day by day itinerary and go where you want to go.

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    Default See the USA on 66

    Taking Route 66 gives you a great cross-section of the country. You see the good, the bad, the beautiful, and the ugly.

    You see a good slice of what America is becoming and what it has been.

    You'll go across the prairie in Illinois, Ozarks in Missouri, hills of Oklahoma, panhandle flats of Texas, Painted Desert/Petrified Forest, Grand Canyon (well, a little off 66), the Mojave Desert, and the Pacific.

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