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    After my recent trip to Ireland I felt the need to get away somewhere early in the new year. I discovered Travelodge were doing rooms for 15 quid a night so, as everything's on a budget, decided that'd do nicely and picked a random weekend in January to fly up to Scotland to have a look around.

    So I will be flying with Flybe out of Southampton early on Sat 13th Jan and returning from Glasgow late on Mon 15th. I have a rough idea of where I'm going to be heading but would very much welcome input from anyone here!

    * Saturday: Arrive at Glasgow airport mid morning, collect hire car and then drive out to have a look at the Loch Lomond National Park before heading back to the Travelodge at Dumbarton for the evening. No idea what the UK version of a National Park will be like, but guess I will find out!
    * Sunday: Head towards Edinburgh, stopping at the Falkirk Wheel en route. Cross the Forth Bridge before heading to the Port of Leith to visit the Royal Yacht Brittania and finally overnight at the Travelodge in the centre Edinburgh.
    * Monday: Find somewhere for a nice fry-up (!) and then head off to investigate Edinburgh Castle. Afterwards head back to Glasgow Airport and head home.

    Anyone have any thoughts on that? Is the Royal Yacht worth it? Will I see anything of the Forth Bridge or will it be like the Golden Gate... hidden in fog?! Anywhere else worth visiting in my short visit?

    A bit of shopping around saw me pick up the flight for just over 40 quid, a rental car for 40 quid and the two rooms for 30 quid. The only thing I'm looking for now is a cheap place to park the car at Southampton Airport, they want £31!, I think I'm just going to leave it parked on the street in Eastleigh :)

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    Well that's a question after my own heart...

    As I moved there nearly fifteen years ago (from California) - I know the place pretty well now.

    I am not sure I'd bother with be honest.

    I wish you had more time to go up to Skye - it's a stunning place. At least you're going to Loch Lomond. I am a big big fan of the Duck Bay Marina. They do a great but simple Chicken in the Basket :)

    From Loch Lomond, you could consider taking in Aberfoyle / Stirling and the Trossachs.

    Dumbarton to stay in huh? Hmmmm, ok. It's not where I'd have recommended. I'd suggest nipping into Helensburgh which is just along the road from Dumbarton (and there's nothing much in Dumbarton).

    Not sure how you're going from the Falkirk Wheel - across the bridge and then to Leith. More like the Wheel, to Leith and over the bridge...and if I were you - I'd explore a bit of Fife. Head to Anstruther for the Best Fish and Chips in Scotland!! I love that quaint little fishing village. Idyllic.

    Edinburgh's always a fun visit...plenty to see / do there. Same for Glasgow.

    Will help more if I can. Just fire away.


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    Thanks very much for your help! Will get my map book out in a bit and see how things fall together with your advice. I've been to Stirling once before when visiting the Knockhill race track and I do remember I really enjoyed the scenery in the area, it was beutiful!

    It is, as you say, a shame that I don't have more time there. But I will very likely be back again :) I just fancied a nice cheap weekend away and I can't really afford to start using too much of my holiday entitlement this early in the year hehe

    As for Dumbarton, it's just a roof and a bed, and was all that was available in the area on the Travelodge 15 quid offer :) But I can't see me spending much time there anyway, I will probably be arriving quite late and leaving pretty early the next day.

    Thanks again :)

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    Geezo 15 quid? That's awesome. Don't blame ya. It will be fine.

    Let me know how you get on on your trip / plans anyway, and I hope the weather stays dry for you.

    I hear I've managed to miss thee worst weather in the past few months. Pals keep saying I should stay in California...that said there were snow flurries in parts here in northern California even here we're not immune to icky weather.

    Have fun.


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    Default Some Translations

    As George Bernard Shaw noted, the US and UK "are two nations divided by a common language." So some translations for our American readers may be in order. A quid is a Pound Sterling (£), worth about $2. A liter (or litre if you prefer) is roughly a quart. Petrol (gasoline) in the UK sells for approximately £1/liter or $8/gallon, lest you ever feel the need to complain about the high cost of driving in North America.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Craig Antill View Post
    No idea what the UK version of a National Park will be like, but guess I will find out!
    They tend to be on a smaller scale here but they're certainly worth seeing. The Peak District and Lake District National Parks in England, for example, are absolutely stunning.

    And I think the most beautiful sight I've ever seen was Loch Lomond at dawn one winter morning, with pockets of mist hanging in the air and the rising sun reflecting off the water and turning everything a unique golden colour.
    Quote Originally Posted by Craig Antill View Post
    Will I see anything of the Forth Bridge or will it be like the Golden Gate... hidden in fog?! Anywhere else worth visiting in my short visit?
    I've never seen it foggy there, and you get a very good view indeed of the Forth Rail Bridge as you drive over the adjacent road bridge. And for that matter the estuary below: it's not a great trip for anyone who suffers from vertigo!

    It'd be pretty hard to go wrong in Edinburgh, there's a lot going on. My favourite bar, The Dome, is right next to the Hard Rock Cafe on George Street (which is the next street up from Princes Street, the main shopping area). It's not cheap, but then nowhere is in that city, and it's a simply breath-taking building inside and out.

    One thing: both driving and parking in Edinburgh are tricky, but though many roads are steep, the city is compact, so you're almost certainly best off abandoning your car somewhere and walking about.

    I hope the weather stays dry for you.
    It's rained every single day for the last six weeks so surely we'll be due some dry weather by then! *Glances upwards accusingly*
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    Default Thanks for the local intel

    Quote Originally Posted by dj toast View Post
    The Peak District and Lake District National Parks in England, for example, are absolutely stunning.
    It is a fact that my travel buddies can not imagine, (given where else I have been in the world) but I have yet to make to the British Isles, but when I do, I will certainly go to the places you have suggested.


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    Default Edinburgh

    We enjoyed Holyrood Palace and the Museum of Art when we were there in July. Also Grayfriar's Bobby.

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    It might be worth seeing if you can find the time to nip up to St Andrews, it's not too far from Edinburgh and it's a fantastic place to visit with its ruined cathedral, 600 year old University (more famous than ever sonce its recent royal graduate), and even if golf isn't your thing, the number of visitors the golf courses bring mean that there's a lot of provision for travellers in terms of restaurants and so on.

    It's a tiny city with a total population of just 8,000, half of whom are students at the University, and many of them wear their gowns routinely, giving the place a quaint look. Traditions are still strong and the terrifying practice gowned students enjoy of walking along the narrow pier with the waves crashing below is still a common sight.

    Anyhow, I know time is tight on your visit but it might be worth considering.

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    Thanks for the tips and suggestions, guys, I've put up a bit of a ramble in the roadtrip reports section:

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