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    I'm going to western Arkansas with a stop in eastern Arkansas for Christmas. All the internet maps say to take 64, then 81 then catch 40. When I moved to Norfolk from Texas, I took 40 straight across Tennessee into North Carolina and caught 95 to go north into Virginia. I can't rely on that experience because moving is always a nightmare and I was working on less than 5 hours of sleep.

    Has anyone driven both ways and can recommend one over another?

    Thanks in advance,


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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Norfolk to Little Rock is about 1070 miles by way of I-64/I-81/I-40. Using US-58/I-85/I-40 is almost exactly the same. US-58/I-95/I-40 is a bit longer at around 1145 miles. I've driven all those roads at one time or another, and for my money either of the first two routings would be both scenic and easy to follow.


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    So you think going north to Charlottesville is out of the question? I just didn't see the point in going north, then going back south, especially through the mountains in December. I just wanted some verification that I was right to head straight south and cut through the mountains at the NC/TN border.

    I'm nervous to be caught in the mountains during Christmas anyway. I'm on a tight schedule, I get carsick even when driving and I'll have three little yappy dogs with me. When I drove through that mountain pass (I40 into NC), I had to stop at the park at the bottom of the mountain until my knees stopped shaking.

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    Default You didn't mention that was the issue!

    Quote Originally Posted by Allyzabethe View Post
    I just wanted some verification that I was right to head straight south and cut through the mountains at the NC/TN border.
    Since mountain driving (even on the Interstate) gives you considerable grief -- I would think that using I-85 makes the most sense. In fact, instead of using I-40, you can skirt the elevation gain by traveling most of the way on I-85 to Atlanta and then head northwest (towards your final destination in Arkansas) when you reach Gainesville, Georgia.


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