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    My friend Tommy and I (purely platonic) are starting to plan a road trip from northwestern KY to Maine sometime in the summer, probably around July 4th. The problem is, where we are great friends, we are very different when it comes to travel. He hates to drive, but is willing to split the duty and the gas and plans on providing his car that gets 40 miles to the gallon. I LOVE to drive and prefer to get off the interstate and soak up local color on back roads and through small towns. I also love to camp and am not afraid of a truckstop shower if necessary. Tommy hates camping and is probably wanting to stay in more hotels than I am.

    Given that neither of us are going to have a large amount of money for this trip, I vote to camp as much as possible to save money for the more important things.

    If anyone has any suggestions on how to travel with someone so different from yourself or any suggestions on sights/stops along the way, please let me know!

    Thanks and happy traveling!

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    Tie him up, throw him in the trunk, let him out when you get there? Surprise will be a key element of this plan... Bob

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amy3125 View Post
    My friend Tommy and I (purely platonic) are starting to plan a road trip from northwestern KY to Maine sometime in the summer,
    Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum. In addition to the differences in your driving styles, maybe you should both take this quiz and talk about the results?


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    If you're planning a trip to New England, the only way you are going to see the local color is to get off the Interstate (in some cases, off the Interstate may be faster).

    One thing is that, in Vermont at least, the Summer is considered "off-season" (ski state), so the hotels tend to be more reasonably priced.

    You'll also be able to see a lot in a short time. We took a "long ride" on Sunday through Connecticut - turned out to be just three hours.

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