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    Can anybody offer us any help? We want to drive from Florida up to New York, but don't want to take our vehicle into New York City. Our thoughts were that we'd book a hotel outside of New York, but close enough to catch the subway in. The best option we seem to have found at the moment is Queens, with a 35 min subway ride, but this still involves us driving into NYC. Has anybody done this roadtrip before that can offer us some suggestions? Thanks

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    The New York City subway system is great at what it does, but for your purposes you might want to look at the commuter rail system, which gets a bit farther out from the city. The Metro-North system goes north into suburban New Jersey, New York and Connecticut, while the NJ Transit system (see their system map) goes west and north into New Jersey and New York. Either of these will get you far enough out of the city that you should be comfortable and will have commuter parking lots at most of their stations. Then, once in the city, use the subway for getting around.

    As far as the RoadTrip from Florida up to NYC, that's going to be essentially a drive up I-95, so check out this book for ideas on what's available.


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