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  1. Default Boston to San Francisco?? Suggestions Sought?

    Hello all -

    Just found your Board and am thrilled for the wealth of info.

    I am moving from Boston to San Francisco at the end of December and am thinking of making the drive, rather than shipping my baby SUV - 2005 4WD Hyundai Tucson. I plan to leave Boston on 12/26 or 12/27 and would like to make it to CA in 8-10 days.

    It seems that a Northern route would be more direct and maybe more scenic but I am worried about getting stuck with snow and ice. Also, I may be making the trip alone and didn't know if one route was easier than another for a solo driver.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on routes, scenic stops, and whether I am worrying too much about snow and ice.

    I will continue to search prior postings but thought I would put this out there. Thanks so much!!!

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    Default Relax!

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    The direct route will be I-90 to I-80, and yes, you'll have a chance of seeing winter weather pretty much everywhere along the route. I'd say your odds of seeing at least a little bit of snow would be fairly high.

    That said, 8-10 days gives you plenty of time to get there, or even stop completely for a while if you run into really nasty weather. As long as you stick to the interstates and are patient, there is no reason you shouldn't be able to have a safe and enjoyable trip across the country even at that time of year.

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    Thanks - Any suggestions for any particular highlights on the I-80 trip

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    Default I-80 Highlights

    Which venues you would consider 'particular highlights' depends, of course, on your particular tastes. But probably the top general attractions along that route include the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania, the landmarks of the Oregon Trail, with a short detour via I-76 and I-25 (and weather permitting) Rocky Mountain National Park, the Great Salt Lake, Virginia City and the Reno/Tahoe area. There are others, but half the fun of this kind of travel 9is finding your own 'must-sees'.


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