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    Hi everyone.

    I have been reading this site for a couple of months now and thought I'd ask for some expert advice! I am planning my very first "road trip" although I have done some smaller versions around Australia (week long driving holidays).

    I have never been to America before but have always wanted to visit Arizona and see the natural sights around - Painted Desert, Monument Valley, Grand Canyon, etc. I have found this website (which actually led me to your website!) which has a couple of trips that seem to cover the areas I'm interested in but I am just wondering if it would be too much for me? Seems to cover a lot of miles over a 2 week period.

    As I'm a female who will be travelling alone I wanted to have a bit of structure to what I am going to do (ie, I will be in this hotel at this date) so that I feel a bit safer. Anyway, the itinerary I'm leaning towards is found at that link and I would welcome any suggestions or thoughts on it - whether good or bad.

    I'm a complete newbie so any suggestions would be gratefully received!
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    Default An interesting approach to roadtripping

    Quote Originally Posted by Lashie View Post
    I have been reading this site for a couple of months now and thought I'd ask for some expert advice!
    Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum!
    I have never been to America before but have always wanted to visit Arizona and see the natural sights around - Painted Desert, Monument Valley, Grand Canyon, etc.
    We are not familiar with this company's offerings and it does seem an interesting approach to do roadtripping. I can see the advantage of having all of these lodging choices booked ahead of time and the printed itinerary, but the schedule seems a little intense to me. Plus, it doesn't really seem reasonable to pay someone else to make these bookings when you can do it yourself and have a lot more freedom.

    I am curious how this link led you to

    Happy Planning!


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    Thanks - I'm having fun.

    Basically I've got a big map of the West Coast up on my wall and am reading up what I can. Every time I read about something I think I'd like to see/experience, I put a pin in the map at that location - hopefully by the time I'm ready to start booking things I'll have some idea of itinerary.

    I can't remember how the link worked (getting me from that USA Tours website to here as I've now got your site and theirs on 'favourites') but it was probably convoluted and I tripped on it by accident.

    The only bookings they make are for the hotels and it seems to be a good deal (averaging US$100 a night) but I may just end up using some of their ideas in my own itinerary.

  4. Default Miles per day isn't outrageous...

    Hi Lashie..

    Interesting site -- I hadn't seen that "arranged" road trip site either, and its an interesting approach. From a quick look, the miles per day aren't outrageous, but you'll be on the road 3-4 hours at least every day of the trip just about (I noted one full day in Las Vegas), with one day pushing 300 miles from Death Valley to LA. And the prices aren't outrageous -- not great, but not super horrid either. I do note they don't include the car rental in the price, or any fees associated with the car.

    My experience is that you can do somewhat better for motel/ hotel rooms than they have -- but not outrageously better (like 10-20% on average). If you camp you get better prices, but you have to haul camping gear.

    It's not a bad itenerary -- its not a bad arrangement. My reservations about it is that it does lock you into a specific set itenerary that doesn't look very flexible. If you arrange your own hotels/ motels you have much more flexiblity -- in that most places allow you to cancel up to a very short period before you're expected to show up (in some cases, just by cancelling by 6 pm the day of arrival).

    Keep us all posted on what you're interested in . 2 weeks is a reasonable time to visit LA and Arizona but you can end up with a gonzo road trip that has you zooming everywhere without a chance to enjoy everything. The Grand Canyon, the Painted Desert (and Petrified Forest), and Monument Valley are in roughly a triangle, about a day's drive apart. The triangle starts about a day's drive east of Las Vegas, which in itself is about a days drive east of Los Angeles. Given that's 2 days out and 3 days around the triangle, and 2 days back, that gives you some time to look at other places, or spend some time exploring a couple of places in depth. Or you can expand into new places, such as Sedona or Phoenix or the Mojave or Death valley, etc.

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