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    I'm an exchange student currently living on the east coast and I thought about going on a road trip starting in New York on January 1st next year, ending somewhere on the other coast on January 21st. So we have about 3 weeks of time to get from coast to coast. Is that realistic? I mean just driving of course but how much time will we have to do something else? And which routes would you suggest? I read about the Route 40 which would start pretty close to New York. What kind of weather should we expect? I also thought about driving up to Chicago and following down the Route 66 but I guess the weather would be even worse. Are there other scenic routes, maybe more in the south that are worth travelling? What about camping along the different roads? I would really appreciate any information!



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    Check out this site. They list a few options for you with places of interest along the way so you can decide which one you like best. Have fun. That sounds like a blast.
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    You have carved out a good chunk of time to make this trip. Three weeks will allow you to travel at a fairly relaxed pace, say roughly 250 miles a day or less on average. However, January is not the best time of year to be trying to cross the continent, particularly at the latitude of New York. So my main suggestion to you would be that you initially get yourself a little farther south before turning west. If you haven't seen it on spring breaks or such, the East Coast has a number of places that are worth experiencing, both urban (Philadelphia, Washington, Charleston) and natural (Eastern Shore, Outer Banks, Grand Strand). Then, somewhere around South Carolina or Georgia, you can pick up roads like I-20, US-80, or I-10 across the South and Southwest into southern California. If you are so inclined, once you get on to the high plains (West Texas) you could even use I-40/US-66 if you are so inclined and the weather looks like it will cooperate.

    The problem with trying a northern route through Chicago, or even through the Midwest (say the Ohio Valley to St. Louis) is that in any given week (or two) in January, you can almost guarantee yourself some weather that will force you to sit out a while, and may close some of the sights you were planning on seeing. Places fairly far north in the West (e.g. Yellowstone) will have at least some access problems. So, since this may be your one and only chance to see our country, I'd give yourself the best shot at doing it without the additional weather worries.

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    Thanks for the advice! That link is really good! I think we will go down the eastcoast and than probably follow the route from the website (No. 10) across the continent. Any more suggestions?

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