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    can someone please give me a detailed route (first time driver on california highways) from San Fran to Vegas - looking for the quickest route. willing to do a one night stop over on the way (ideally half to two thirds ofthe way) and looking for the quickets route.


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    The fastest route for this very popular trip is simple. I-5 to the Bakersfield Area (near Buttonwillow), Stockdale Highway into Bakersfield, CA-58 to Barstow, and I-5 to Las Vegas.

    Bakersfield is close to halfway, with Barstow being around the 2/3rds mark. Both have plenty of hotels. Tehachapi and Mojave also have a couple of hotels if you want to stop in between.

    Total time for this route should run in the ballpark of 9 hours.

  3. Default Internet mapping can be your friend...

    If you're looking for very detailed driving instructions in the US, you can use some of the internet mapping sites such as or or the Yahoo! maps site. If you have a specific starting and stopping point they can give you turn by turn instructions that are very detailed, and include detailed maps at each junction.

    My guess is that the hardest part of this segment of your journey will be getting out of San Francisco onto I-5 (interstate 5, one of the major highways in the western US). How you get to this is dependent upon exactly where in SF you are staying, so I'm afraid we can't give highly detailed instructions -- but the internet sites can do that for you.

    In general, getting out of SF to I-5 can be summarized as:

    a) If you're in downtown SF, you want to get across the SF Bay on one of the eastwards bridges, and then to the Dublin/ Livermore area -- which is just west of the I-5.

    b) If you're in southern end of the Bay area, such as in San Jose/ Santa Clara/ Los Gatos area -- then you're probably better off going south on US-101 to Gilroy and then east over one of the coastal ranges of hills on California 152 , the "Pacheco Pass Highway" to join up with I-5 at Los Banos.

    Traffic would be my primary concern here -- the bridges may be fairly heavily trafficed with rush hour drivers, and US-101 is the main north-south route for commuters on the west side of the Bay.

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