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    Default Ireland

    Thanks to Ryanair for running a big promotion with flights for a penny plus taxes, I have just booked a flight to Ireland next weekend. It worked out at 36 quid for the flights and the same again for a rental car for a couple of days so it'll be a nice cheap weekend away for me.

    Going to be flying in to Shannon mid afternoon on Saturday and flying back from the same airport on Monday evening. Any suggestions for where to go in between those times would be welcomed! Whilst I've been to Ireland four or five times it's either been with work or with the raceteam, so I've never had the time to actually go see the place. Thanks for any suggestions!! :)

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    Default Some of the Best of Eire

    It has, unfortunately, been too long since I've been to Ireland, but I have made a number of RoadTrips there and some of my very favorite areas are within an easy drive of Shannon. I'm going to suggest that you do the Dingle Peninsula to the south, being sure to get all the way out to Slea Head. This is as wildly beautiful as Ireland gets. Then head north up around Galway bay and into the Connemara region, another bit of great coast inhabited by lovely people. You could then finish off by heading inland and returning to the airport by driving down the Shannon River valley. I envy you!


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    Default Shannon... the memories

    Flying into Shannon certainly brings back memories.

    I visited there about a decade ago, and was very impressed by the beautiful country. However, the visit was an unscheduled stop so I did not do any planning, and I couldn't tell you exactly where I ended up.

    And how does one make an unscheduled stop in Shannon, Ireland, do you ask? I was on a charter flight returning home after a trip to Germany, and the plane suffered some sort problem that required an emergency landing. After sitting in the Shannon airport for 12+ hours, we eventually were bussed to some very nice hotels in the area where we spent the entire day before the plane was fixed and we were allowed to continue - getting home a full 2 days after our "scheduled" arrival.

    Maybe some day I'll make it back there, and even plan the trip in advance!

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    Thanks for the tips, guys. Think I'm gonna go from the airport to the hotel on day one and then head out for food and a bit of a drive, probably into Limerick to see what's there.

    Day two will be a drive down south to Tralee, Castlemaine, Inch, Anascaul, Dingle, Ventry, Slea Head, Dunquin, Bailyferriter, over the Connor Pass to Camp and perhaps down towards Killarney before heading back to the hotel at Limerick.

    Day three I'll get up bright and early and head north. Not sure how far I'll get but I doubt I'll make it as far as Galway this time as I'll have to head to the airport almost as soon as I get there.

    Presuming I enjoy exploring on my own, and the Ryanair sale continues, I will return for a better look around in the new year :)

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    Default Lovely!

    Ireland is a wonderful road tripping country - so lush and beautiful everywhere. The major problem we had when we visited a few years ago was that you can't tell how long it will take to get somewhere based on the mileage. Plan for an average speed of somewhere around 30-35 MPH - the roads in the western part of Ireland are mostly quite narrow and not well marked -- but the locals are most helpful in getting you turned around and on your way when you do get lost.

    Try to get out to the coastal area - maybe around Lahinch - my favorite town was Killarney, but that may be a bit too far for this trip for you.


    Carol White
    Author, Live Your Road Trip Dream

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    Well got back yesterday afternoon. It was a short break but it was a good introduction to travelling alone I reckon. I now know I *can* do it, I just need to decide if I *want* to do it! It was very odd and, although I had a good time exploring on Sunday, it really wasn't the same as have someone there to share the experience with. I'll probably book a week somewhere in the States next week and plan to meet up with one of a couple of associates now living in the States.

    As for Ireland, lovely looking place. And, don't take this the wrong way, but after travelling primarily in the US, it was lovely to see somewhere so untouched my man. As you drive through the scenery there's no massive billboards and no McDonalds or Taco Bells! I do love the States dearly, but it really impressed me. The people were great but the weather was bloody awful! I managed to destroy my last camera at the foot of Niagara Falls on the Maid Of The Mist. Well I managed to do the same again this weekend, only more so, by standing on a tiny beach on the Atlantic coast with a force 9 gale blowing... I could barely stand up in the wind and the rain was seriously painful as it tried to pierce my skin!

    The scenery was lovely but the Dingle - Connor Pass was a great drive ruined by the weather. I couldn't see a damn thing off to my right due to the fact I was driving through a huge storm cloud at the time, but I feel sure there was a huge drop there, I could just sense it :) The vertical cliff to my left also focused the mind, especially where it actually started reaching back across the top of the road, several inches above the car roof at one point! I must go back there in the summer, I feel there's a great drive there to be had :)

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    Default Maid of the Mist tour

    Quote Originally Posted by Craig Antill View Post
    The people were great but the weather was bloody awful! I managed to destroy my last camera at the foot of Niagara Falls on the Maid Of The Mist.
    Glad to know that force 9 gales follow your around! Thanks for the field report.


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    Have just booked a three day trip to Scotland for Jan 13-15, so let's hope santa brings me a new camera and those gales hold off this time! :)

    Will be flying into Glasgow International mid morning on the 13th, staying in a Travelodge in Dumbarton that evening and then staying in the Edinburgh Central Travelodge the following evening. Fly back out of Glasgow on the Monday evening.

    Not using Ryanair this time but got a ridiculously cheap flight with Flybe, a stupidly cheap car from Hertz and Travelodge are doing rooms for 15 quid a night! All in, for three days, the trip's gonna cost me 115 quid!!

    Basic idea is to have pick up the car and head out to the east coast when I arrive before heading back to the hotel. I also want to have a good look round Edinburgh, whether that be on Sunday or Monday I am easy. ANy suggestions to 'fill in the gaps'? :)

    Thanks guys for any tips!

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    Here's a good place to start if you're looking for details of heritage sites in specific areas around Ireland.
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