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    Default Harlan to NewYork

    Hi Im a first time poster here =D.
    I was just wondering if anyone would have any suggestions... or tell me anything about planning a road trip.
    as of right now me and my friend are trying to plan a trip to Newyork city from our hometown of Harlan Kentucky when our winter break comes from our college studies. We probly will be sharing funds, and pinching pennies, but we'd like to visit some sights... hmm I have been to NY before, it is expensive but I believe that we can do it.

    thanks for anyfeedback!

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    There are tons of resources on this site for planning a RoadTrip and for doing it on the cheap. Some of the first questions you and your friend will have to answer are:

    Is this trip about the journey or the destination? The two of you might want to sit down one evening and take our RoadTrip Compatibility Quiz just to make sure you're on the same page. If it's about the destination, then you need to be looking into what you want to do in New York. Whatever it is, New York will have something to offer. If the trip is about the journey then you have to decide whether you take the scenic route and go up the spine of the Appalachians, avoiding the cities, or take the coastal route and savor Washington, Baltimore and Philadelphia as well as the Big Apple. Maybe you want to do both, taking one route up and the other back.

    How much time do you have and how do you want to spend it? Since this trip is going to be limited by your college schedule, the factual data is probably already in hand, but setting up a framework of how you'll be spending that time will help bring the trip into much sharper focus.

    Can we really afford it? Whenever I see people say that they want to make a trip as cheaply as possible, I'm always afraid that they will set out with unrealistic expectations of what they can manage to live on. One of the best posts I've seen on these forums as far as figuring out what a trip might cost is here. Read it and think about what you really can afford. Then add about 1/3 more to that. What's the plan if you run into unexpected costs?

    I'm not trying to be a downer here, but a trip where surprises are at least somewhat anticipated is going to be a lot better than one were every new development just makes the trip worse.

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    thanks for the info, my freind is coming in this weekend I believe so we will sit down and plan this thing out alittle better... I think our trip is more set toward just enjoying the trip in general and not the destination... so we may just take a trip to the washington dc, and see the sights instead. either way Im sure we can figure something out... even if its not Newyork this time around we still may find a nice place to visit and explore this winterbreak. thanks for the info.

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